16 May 2023

Outdoor Volk & Noise Sets


Highland Park, NJ Porch Fest Outdoor Jams

Sunday May 21 @ 1pm: Alice Fawn, Ankylosaurus, Half A House, Pabli Galesi.

25 March 2023


Hungry & Wild Hearted
The First Epistle of Caleb
By Morren & Poole

Longtime d.i.h.d. records collaborator, Morren-Rvrs Mrcy, brings all of it together for this masterpiece.  He calls this a comic and he is from noisy background (Pots & Powercells, thee Yets, Human Adult Band, Kang Bucket) but you won't find any crude Z'orks or slimeys in this book.  It has the look of a sketch book of a formally trained artist. For those committed to raw or primitive art, don't let that deter you, I imagine a lot of Marvel/ DC  comic artists had formal training and that's a lot of influential material.  The story follows the paths of two troubled but very inspired young adults up into parenthood while they struggle with substance abuse and navigate a partnership, family, social life, creative outlets, jobs among other things. Sounds like a lot of us.  This beautful book makes you look deeper while enduring the daily life slog.   Morren is an insanely talented artist and story teller & I hear Poole pulled his weight in organizing Morrens never ending sketch books into a fine half sized graphic novel.  If you can't dig it, find another shovel.

17 March 2023

HUMAN ADULT BAND “Last’d” green lathe cut 7 inch reportage


Thick n Sweet part 1. >wooze cruise ‘round th’ corners of rize crizpie treated mouse deposits (you know the kind). Sometimes a rodent has the taste only for light-toned starches, and thus produce decoys of the crunchy corporate breakfast variety. *If this data has disturbed you, I respectfully acknowledge my disservice to the entity of Human Adult Band. By which I mean I wasn’t graphic enuf in my telling of dank subterranean lairs fitted for youths of cacophonous persuasion. As for the proverbial offended pearl clutcher skimming this esteemed weblog, to you I say, you came to the wrong place. Who told you about this? Godspeed you, Earth dwelling, air breathing equal life form. No ill-intent is meant.

I am constantly reminded of the “bombs bursting in air, “ the crux of the USA nat’l anthem- which birthed among others, Outkast’s “Bombs over Baghdad”. I am not a violent person, and it behooves me to assert that the HAB are neither either hi-there. They are seekers of the Lite, consciousness, experience, and all that is true n blue.

Watch n lern, lissen n bern, do yrself a flavor and engage in that recurring fantasy of owning a van again. No shame. It is an oasis on tyres. It has a cassette deck.

a link to rule them all


17 November 2022


MAGIC MONDAY December 5th 2022: Experimental Music Workshop & Show.

ANLA from REYNOLS (all th' way from Argentina) presenting a experimental music workshop and experimental music show.

The main aim of this project is to develop new ways of musical expression for musicians of any level.  There is an experiential side in the relationship with music, that lies beyond any theory or rational consideration & offers a unique way to reach the musical process.  Participants' abilities and interests represent a key target of our attention.

This workshop is open to any person; improvisation, creativity & non-traditional approaches take a very important role here.  The workshop lasts 2 hours and will be followed by a small performance by all the participants.

The workshop will be conducted by Anla 'from Reynols' (all the way from Argentina).  Anla has been teaching since the 90s and he is founder & member of Reynols. Reynols was the first Argentine band to ever reach the cover of The Wire magazine.

Workshop 5pm-7pm (bring acoustic instrument or instrument with small amplification)

Show 8-10pm


Flemington D.I.Y, 26 Stangl Rd,Flemington, NJ

Details: dihdrecords@gmail.com