26 March 2014

Fortitude in Wintarmanoth, C. Lavender

Since neither myself or K has had a functioning camera for awhile now, and rather than letting this blog be neglected and forgotten, I thought I would attempt to review some music. I can’t say that I have ever reviewed anything before, and I’m not sure I have either the knowledge or authority to do so, but if you want my opinion here it is.

I recently ordered a smattering of tapes, CDs, and records; Fortitude in Wintarmanoth by C. Lavender happened to be the first to be thrust through my mail slot. It was released on Ecstatic Peace in 2013 in an edition of 100 cassettes. I don’t know if people usually review music that isn’t new, but it’s new to me and exceptionally good. 

The album contains three tracks which, in fitting with the title, were recorded in January of 2012, 2011, and 2010. Perhaps it’s not the correct month to be listening to this, but considering the inescapable winter we’ve had it’s still quite fitting. This album succeeds in its offering of atmosphere over mere amplitude; in fact for something so noisy it’s surprising quiet. The first track Opening the Gates gradually creeps out of a silent void growing in both volume and depth. I feel like I’m listening to the reverberation of winds through a thick dark forest, or the inner recesses of a cave. The second track Letting Them In has a similar ambience to it, but even more menacing. A horn like synth growls viciously over a scraping, clanging bass. It grows until reaching a climax with an almost wolf like howling that is intense and terrific.

I use such analogies not to sound poetic, or rather not only to sound poetic, but to really emphasize the mood created by this album. On one hand it can be taken as a product of the bleakness of the winter; cold, dead, and isolating. There is however also an aural sensation of the fertility of nature; a certain lushness that is perhaps not of winter, but meant to give one strength to get through winter.

The last track “You Can Never Go Home” seems a little out of place as it doesn’t have quite the same tone or quality as the first two, but is still a good listen. This is a really solid album; I highly recommend it if you like things that are noisy, dark, and atmospheric. Order a cassette while you can; it has cool artwork and quality packaging. The case is green, neat! If you don’t like physical things you can buy a digital copy of it instead. 

22 March 2013

Garcia People, Harpoon Forever, Black Wine & Human Adult Band @ The Court Tavern

It took a week, but here's what I managed to film, from March 15 @ The Court Tavern.

Garcia People:

Harpoon Forever:


Black Wine:

Human Adult Band:

02 February 2013

Quit, Banned Books, Eidetic Seeing & Mike Bruno @ The Alamo (2013)

It's been a while since I posted again, I seem to forget band names as quickly as I film them, but here's an easy one. January 31, 2013 at the Alamo, a night of the still living:


Banned Books (NJ/PA):

Eidetic Seeing (Brooklyn):

Mike Bruno & The Black Magic Family Band (NJ/PA):

Also, thanks to Mad Dog for helping me set this show up and Sean from the Black Magic Family Band for filming Quit. 

03 January 2013

Harpoon Forever, Trevor Pennsylvania, Quit, David Sutton, The Idiots @ The Dump Bucket (2012)

New Year's Eve Eve show at the Dump Bucket Pub. A small night of freaks. Loved it.

Harpoon Forever (load at 720p)


Trevor Pennsylvania


Quit (first show ever)


David Sutton


The Idiots

again, load at 720p for best results.

Human Adult Band, Eidetic Seeing, Kohoutek @ Mojo Main (2012)

It wasn't the end of the world, but I would have died happy if the world really did end on December 21, 2012, which was when these were filmed, at Mojo Main, a bar in Newark, Delaware.

As always, Human Adult Band ruled:

Eidetic Seeing brought the psych:

And Kohoutek, well, just watch:

As always, if the videos don't have sound, try loading at 720p. 

31 December 2012

New Releases from dihd recordings...

Kohoutek/Pots & Powercells
'Public Access Boogey'/'Our Little Gripe'
Musicassette / c40
Split tape between psych rock stalwarts, Kohoutek and house jammers, Pots & Powercells. Kohoutek's side, 'Public Access Boogey' was recorded live on public access TV in Massachusetts. Their jam takes up th' whole twenty minute side. Cosmic guitar leads from John Stanton, Parson Sound-esque bass rumble and heavy drum beats from Scott Verrastro. Th' Powercells side, 'Our Little Gripe' might be their last, as th' band fell apart in 2012. Textured guitars, Les Rallizes Denudes-esque groove bass and assorted noise makers for the first 2/3 of their side. Then little (music) bits to follow...you know...little doo-dads...little bits. $7ppd

Mohawk Barbie
'Doomsday Culture'
Two new tracks, 'Doomsday Culture' and 'Your Spitting on My Grave', recorded deep in th' woods of Pennsylvania during a 2011 Mohawk Barbie retreat. Also a recently unearthed live set from when th' band was very active. Th' set was performed in New Brunswick, NJ in late summer of 2000. You can smell th' sweat and feel the broken glass digging through your palms as your jolted onto th' basement floor, then lovingly lifted up by friends. Frankenstein's Medical Journal exclaims 'It's Alive! It's Alive! New Brunswick Punk Rock is Alive!!' $7ppd

both available from dihd.net

13 December 2012

Spiritual Recess, Toe Ring, Brown Recluse Alpha @ The Bath Haus (2012)

Finally, an all noise show in New Brunswick. Last night (12/12/12) at the Bath Haus. Loud. Awesome.

First up, Spiritual Recess:

Next up, Toe Ring:

And finally, of course, Brown Recluse Alpha: