27 September 2010

Earth Crown (2008)

Another New Brunswick expatriate, Door aka Earth Crown moved to Baltimore after a number of years in town setting up shows at his house. This set was recorded on April 13, 2008 at Th' Bank in west Baltimore. Other acts that performed that night included DJ Dogdick & Zomgrul Octim, Kakerlak, several others I was too drunk to remember.

Other sets from this night will follow as I find them.

Magnet City Kids (2005, 2008)

The Magnet City Kids, formerly of New Brunswick, came up from Philadelphia a few times over the past few years to play. The first video is from April 1, 2005 at the Learning Secrets festival at one of the Rutgers buildings on the corner of George St. and Nichol Ave. Other bands that played that day included Wolf Eyes (During the day? On a large stage? Well-lit? LAME), Nautical Almanac, and Gorgot (featuring King Darves).

This next video is from March 22, 2008, again at the burrito shop I used to work at. If I can ever find the original video of the whole set, more of this will be added in the future.

Buckets and Batteries (2003)

This is from about a year before I started going to New Brunswick shows and as such, was filmed by Ravi, the owner of the now-defunct Thinisu, an Indian/American fusion restaurant on Easton Ave. in New Brunswick. Members of Buckets and Batteries include Trevor Pennsylvania, most of the Magnet City Kids. Shot over the course of 8 hours on September 20, 2003 and mostly outdoors, this mini-documentary is an interesting watch. As of the writing of this, the sequel band, Pots and Powercells, which includes T. Penn, still plays shows in the New Brunswick area.

Red Dalmatian (2004)

Definitely one of the oldest videos I have, this was recorded on December 11, 2004 at another now-defunct bastion of filth and weirdness, (hot) 97 Commercial Ave. Red Dalmatian is David Roque (formerly of Doomsday Sleepover and Human Adult Band on their European tour) on the saxophone and various electronics, Kevin Mulligan of King Astro's Trip/Happy Halloween, Most Furniture, and Good Weather, and Jaime Morren of The Yets, Coalition of the Willing, and Pots and Powercells.
My apologies for the poor video quality on part 1, the original tape is long gone. Also, keep an eye out for a young Door in the background.

Trevor Pennsylvania (2007, 2009)

Trevor Pennsylvania, frontman of the Human Adult Band and the freak behind dihd records, is performing two solo sets here. The first was at the now-defunct burrito shop on Easton Ave in New Brunswick (where I used to work), recorded on November 3, 2007.

This second set was recorded on July 15, 2009 at Meat Town. Other bands that night included Dead Girl History and (although I have no idea why) We Are The Seahorses.

Russian Tsarlag (2007)

Carlos Gonzalez, of Dynasty and Byron House, playing as Russian Tsarlag (formerly Russian Tsarcasm), again at Castle Puppy, on October 16, 2007. Other acts that played that night include Black Pus (Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt), Kites, and Earth Crown.

ASPS (2008)

This set was recorded on January 12, 2008 at the "infamous" Castle Puppy, members of ASPS during this set include K. Winter of 2673, Tonio of Hikikomori, Kerr of Slow Tongued Beauty, and, of course, King Darves.

Intro//First Post

After 5+ years of filming various noise/punk shows in New Brunswick and related areas, I figured I might as well start a blog posting some of the better sets I've accumulated over the years. At first, I started by recording friends' bands during high school and as they started playing out in New Brunswick basements, it was only natural that I would keep recording them there. As I made more friends and started attending more shows, I carried my video camera with me at all times. Since then, I've managed to collect 50+ hours of footage from live shows all over New Brunswick and a few cities where I just happened to be.
I have to thank Trevor Pennsylvania of the Human Adult Band/ dihd records (dihd.net) for introducing me to many of the bands featured on this blog from outside of the New Brunswick area.
Along with the videos, I will try to include as much information about the bands and shows as I can remember, but forgive me if some descriptions are incomplete, some of these are over 5 years old and several of the bands have either broken up or changed their styles entirely. A majority of the videos I will be posting are from my own YouTube channel, although at times I will be posting from other friends' sources.
Thank you, I hope you enjoy.