19 March 2011

King Darves (2011)

Live at Princess Fortress, Friday, March 18, 2011:

Oh baby that's what I like!

15 March 2011

14 March 2011

Scary Poppins (2011)

Live @ Dreamcastle in Philadelphia, Scary Poppins is members of The Yets and Mike Bruno's Black Magic Family Band keepin' it creepy...

Recorded on March 13, 2011.

MV EE / King Darves / Mem of Bardo Pond and Kohoutek / Pots and Powercells

Monster Psych Show! Date Tba 2011 8pm.
Venue tba, New Brunswick, NJ

MV EE (Ecstatic Peace / Three Lobed Records)
"in fact still orbiting the earth in vermont is matt 'mv' valentine, once the brawn of the tower recordings, and erika 'ee' elder, the CEO of Heroine Celestial Agriculture/The MV & EE Medicine Show, together with their dog zuma they run the child of microtones terran library of exploratory music and sing songs with fellow avatars 'the golden road'. sometimes their own lunar blues, sometimes fingerstyle noise/space, sometim...es lonesome frontier volk...always environments. you will find many are one and they like to jam together within many guitar dimensions/amp realms...respectfully and yours as free folk."

King Darves (De stijl Records)
"So i would imagine that youd have one look at the photo of King Darves we have here and think "Oh brother! Another guy with a beard getting over what looks like a bad case of the clap and an acoustic guitar. Wheres my axe?" so were not gonna put it up here. (Mystique, dig?) But its really not like that, i tell you! The bedrock of King Darves New Brunswick based concoction is certainly folk based but theres no headband and hes not singing of pixies in the moss. This is somewhere between rolled cigs and the foggy vision of Big Pink from somewhere on Jersey Avenue, or maybe a one-manned Meat Puppets. This kid has really cobbled something together in his kitchen sink! ...the prettiest sound of his deep, rich voice will make you tap yr toes and nod yr head like a little Jersey Goil." - Tony Rettman.

“Psychedelic improvisational explorations from the fried collective minds of various Bardo Pond and Kohoutek members. Kosmische raga drone and lumbering sludge, heavy on analog/homemade electronics and alien percussion, traversing the same hypnodelic territory both bands are known for. No studio recordings exist, but the band has opened for Spectrum, Rat Bastard, and Crazy Dreams Band. RIYL: Ash Ra Tempel, Agitaton Free, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Parson Sound, Taj Mahal Travellers, etc.”

Pots & Powercells
It's hard to say whether Pots & Powercells rose out of the ashes of the dispersal across the East coast of members of Buckets & Batteries, or if they're merely in the same mindset. Started in the fall of 2009 and has played under a local NJ transit bridge with sound artist, Kuupuu (Finland) and a set at Avant Fairfax Festival in Fairfax, VA. Powercells also has released a handful of homespun cassettes and cd-rs.
Members of the Human Adult Band, Bog Body, Pact of Wolves, The Yets, Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band, and several other one-off New Brunswick projects regulary jam with the band, and the rotating cast of characters means you're unlikely to seem the same style jam twice.

10 March 2011

New Brunswick Cover Show

I'll edit this when it isn't nearly 3am and I want to go to bed, but, if you were at it, (February 17, 2011 at an unnamed house on an unnamed street in New Brunswick), here's "The Wipers," "The Jesus and Mary Chain," "T-Rex," and "The Pixies," all fucking killing it in the single longest (lengthwise and time to upload) video we've posted so far: (times when bands start and finish will be posted eventually...)

Fuck Yeah!

Magnet City Kids (2008)

3 years later and I finally posted it... the whole Magnet City Kids set from the Burrito shop from March 22, 2008; enjoy!

07 March 2011

AOI, Ancestral Diet, Taboo (2011)

Live at McCormick's, Sunday, March 6, 2011... All I have to say is sit back and wait for your face to melt off... shit's good.


Ancestral Diet:


(Click picture for album of screenshots)

06 March 2011

Dystrophy (2011)

Live @ McCormick's on March 4, 2011... More videos from this show will be posted when I have time to go through them... enjoy

03 March 2011

Th' Summer Dresses (2011)

From no-chord to one-chord to two-chord, and finally, three-chord gunk, I take great pride in letting all y'alls see Th' Summer Dresses.

Fuck yeah.