16 January 2011

Human Adult Band (2011)

Finally, a totally clear and high-res video of th' Adult Band. Here they are gunkin' out at The Charleston, a bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (ha) on January 15, 2011:

10 January 2011

Meat Town (January 9, 2011)

Usually I like to split up posts according to bands, but this time, I'll do the whole show in one post. Mostly because they're all solid, unbroken videos of entire sets.

First up, we've got Brick Mower:

Next up, we've got RSO:

(Intro, for context)

(Full Set)

Next, we've got The Young Leaves, on tour from MA:

And finally, here's Black Wine:

09 January 2011

Fuckin' Pissed (2011)

All the way from Amsterdam (yes, that Amsterdam), Fuckin' Pissed fuckin' killed it last night at McCormick's.

Teen Wolves (2011)

I've been trying to get a recording of them for a while, and finally had the chance to last night.

Teen Wolves. Live @ McCormick's.

Slaw (2011)

Live @ McCormick's Pub in New Brunswick, and as long as my camera battery would last, here's Slaw doin' what they do:

07 January 2011

05 January 2011

Pact of Wolves first release

Pact of Wolves- "Lake Songs" c25

Songs written and recorded by Alvin Lee & Tony Funfetti in our respective attic bedrooms in New Brunswick, NJ 05/10 - 08/10
w/ Dave Bennett (keys and bass) & Axel Brawler (flute)

Artwork, to be uploaded soon, by A. Roque

*Described as "the hipster make-out tape of '10."
 (*citation needed)

03 January 2011


This Saturday January 8th 2011 8pm $5

SLAW (Psych Grunge Sludge Punk)
Wormeaters (real hardcore, there's nothing pretty about it.)
Fuckin' Pissed (Beer drinking hardcore band from Holland)
Teen Wolves (The personal is political)

@ McCorrmixx Bar
Somerset St
New Brunswick, NJ