29 February 2012

dK05//Jasper Phantom, David Sutton, IVDB & Veiled (2012)

Again, sorry about the delay. Recorded on 23 February at The Alamo, finally, another all noise show:

dK05//Jasper Phantom:

David Sutton:



Stiff Neck, Leech, Local Demise, & Loose Ends (2012)

I have no idea why I waited so long to post these, and I'll not waste any time:

Stiff Neck:


Local Demise:

Loose Ends:

10 February 2012

Them There, Thee Source ov Fawnation, and Drums like Machine Guns at Dreamcastle

An awesome night of music at the Dreamcastle
First up some haunting ambient drones from Them, There of Baltimore MD

Thee Source ov Fawnation from Olympia WA with electronic noise-ish dancey awesomeness

and lastly Drums like Machine Guns

http://www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera for more videos

More from Human Adult Band Record Release Show

1/13/12 @ The Marvelous
K had limited battery power and I had limited tape, but between us we caught the whole night. Weird camera issues delayed me from posting this, but here it is.

Here's Mike Bruno from a different angle

...and more Human Adult Band

All of Mike Bruno's set and Most of Human Adult Band from that night are available for your viewing pleasure at http://www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera