23 October 2011

Spread Eagle & Veiled @ The Little Bar (2011)

These two sets were recorded on Friday, October 21, 2011 at the Little Bar in Philadelphia.

First up, Spread Eagle out of Baltimore. They felt like a long drive with a hangover. I mean that in a good way. I fucking loved it.

And, although I usually try to avoid posting the same band twice in a row, I couldn't help myself. Here's Veiled again:

19 October 2011

Veiled, Horse Eggs, & Human Adult Band @ The Court Tavern (2011)

First up, out of Philadelphia, PA and Barcelona, Spain, here's Veiled:

Next, what was supposed to be Mirrors and Wires morphed into Horse Eggs, which was, according to them, "most of the dudes that played in Mirrors and Wires all together at once," with Jay Insult picking up a guitar and microphone for the last few songs:

Fucking finally. It took years, but finally I caught the Human Adult Band covering the Monster Mash. Every other time my battery dies but I finally got it.

16 October 2011

Case Study, The Bewilderness, & The Vandelles @ The Loft (2011)

Recorded October 14, 2011 at the Loft... Unfortunately, I managed to get lost going somewhere I've been dozens of times before, so this is only the last 5 or so minutes of Case Study's set. Expect more from them in the future...

From the ashes of the Invincible Gods, these dudes went straight into The Bewilderness, which is where they left all of us after this whiskey-fueled set of rock'n'drool.

And coming out from Brooklyn, down a member, The Vandelles fucking killed it. Heavy drumming and face-melting rock'n'roll was the theme of the night. YYYEEEEEAAAAAAAHHHHH.

09 October 2011

The Winners, The Jovontaes, Traits, & Trevor Transylvania (2011)

This was a nice small show behind the Random Tea Room in Philadelphia, PA on October 8, 2011... Starting off, again, with members of The Yets, Jalopy, & Mike Bruno's Black Magic Family Band is The Winners:

Next up was The Jovontaes out of Kentucky:

Then, from Philly, The Traits:

And finally, Trevor Transylvania doing a few songs by the Human Adult Band:

...Just my luck. Battery Died before the Monster Mash.