07 July 2014

Spaces Filled with Ashes, Mental Crutch

Although I had not planned on reviewing two releases from the same label/band in a row, this one is so great and in such short supply that it only seemed appropriate. Mental Crutch’s Spaces Filled with Ashes is a rather anomalous release in Nog Records’ ever increasing library of noise and 8bit music. With it’s emphasis on dreamy synth harmonies and catchy guitar riffs, it stands in complete contrast. 

The songs are mellow, introspective, often morose and sometimes haunting. Repetitious whimsical synths echo and build with subtle changes, eventually blooming into moments of breathy vocals and wistful guitar. Acoustic guitars are juxtaposed nicely by the synths and drum machines, creating an atmosphere that is both welcoming and eerie. It is very much like navigating that strange foggy space between dreams and nightmares. The slow pace of the songs call much deserved attention to the beauty of each individual note and the deceivingly simple layers of tones. The entire album is awash in spirituous reverb and psychedelic drones that will swirl your head into a hazy ruminative state.

This is another one of my favorite releases by Nog Records and you should make every effort to get a physical copy while tapes are still available.