19 February 2016

SPLAT s/t 7" (Sauce Pan Records)

Distinctly Cleveland, a little bit scuzzy, fun pop punk 7". The kind of record that would leave Eric Davidson foaming at the mouth. The band speeds through 4-5 songs per side, yelping about their (pretty rad) passions, killer TV (ufos, martians etc) and breakfast foods (extra milk!). They also call out 'splat' or 'splatter' to accent parts of songs, a lot like the Blanks 77 would yell 'Go Go GO!' Really fun record. Recommended.

07 February 2016

Kohoutek 'Curious Aroma' LP (M.I.E. Records) Review

Kohoutek 'Curious Aroma' LP (M.I.E. Records)
This being Kohoutek's third (I believe) full length LP, the band's musical telepathy has enhanced. Scott the drummer of the band told me that the LP captures two very distinct sides of the band. He would be the one to know, and it does, but my listening experience was a bit different. The more I focus on this LP, the more it seems like the entire A side 'space' is a build up to the 'rock' on the B side (with a brief intermission to flip the record). The space journey to the '(psych) rock' is very enjoyable, kind of like a big band version of Azusa Plane. The rock is very rewarding and is on par with Parson Sound (they lock in to a swirl very well) and Hawkwind. Pictured on the back is a very cool camper with a skull mask slouching in the window. This is recluse psych. While listening I picture myself living in that camper with very few possessions, maybe a guitar and some pulp fantasy paper backs with this music being the soundtrack to my very minimalist lifestyle. This is an excellent psych record that deserves complete listenings of both the A and B side in one sitting. Highly recommended.