23 January 2012

Phantom Selector, Lazy Magnet, Jenny Haniver, & Noise Nomads @ The Wormhole (2012)

The first all-noise show in New Brunswick in nearly a year, it may have been the shortest in recent memory, but goddammit, it didn't matter.

First up, we've got JP's floating head and just a hand as the lights go out for this entire set by

Phantom Selector:

and next up, from Providence RI, 
Lazy Magnet:

I know you see this next video and think, damn, another King Darves video? Yes. Yes it is. It's King Darves, playing as Jenny Haniver and letting the noise flow through him:

And we finish this off with a set by Noise Nomads, out from Western Mass. to play a set haunted by technical difficulties and solved by percussive maintenance. In simpler words, amp shits out, hits amp to fix it. Hell yeah.

3Jane, Green Paper, & Dangerous Ponies @ The Dork House (2012)

Again, my apologies for taking so long with this... Recorded on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at The Dork House in New Brunswick:

First up, here's 3Jane:

next up, Green Paper:

And finally, Dangerous Ponies:

My apologies for not catching the whole show, I only got there as 3Jane was setting up.

18 January 2012

Human Adult Band record release show!

Again, this took too long to get posted. It's a bit lacking, but Mike will post the rest of the videos when the time is right.

I might as well tell y'all the date of this show. Friday the 13th. As in, Friday, January 13, 2012. First show of the last year. All of this is from The Marvelous!

First up, a shaky (read: hungover as balls) recording of most of the Mike Bruno & The Black Magic Family Band set:

Next up, Wendy and Kyler rule lots of balls as Suicide Magnets:

Well... what can I say?.. fuckin' Dick Neff:

and of course, Human Adult Band (full set coming soon...)

17 January 2012

New Year's Eve Eve @ Dreamcastle

Damn, I've been lazy. Should've posted these 2 weeks ago, but hell, better late than never. I'll do the (mostly) full sets first.

Here's a New Brunswick alum, now a Philly resident,
Slow Tongued Beauty:

Next up, we've got 
Jesse Sparhawk:

And to soften the mood a little,

Now for a shredder,
Daniel Bachman:

And the last set of the night,
Bad Braids:

and, why the hell not? one song by Mike Bruno: