29 November 2010

Heaven's Gate Exhibition

Hope you all made it to this fantastic evening of music and art work, if not you missed out on some really good performances. Luckily I filmed most of the music that evening ...so here you go.
I arrived mid performance for Burnt Snake Trio. Some really nice beautiful noise here with various electronics and keyboard

Southern Nights from Orlando, FL with some smooth funky grooves

Then things got fucking heavy with Bog Body. A bit of this set was not filmed because I was in the middle of filming an interview when they started and then had to quickly put a fresh tape into my camera.

The night ended with Angels. My immediate reaction after seeing them play was: "That was fucking awesome." see for yourself

As always there are more videos from this night and others at http://www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera

Also for those of you who don't already know; I'm filming a basement show documentary. If you attend, play, or host basement shows and want to do an interview come find me, I'm the weirdo with long hair, a beard, and a camera

27 November 2010

Dogo and Crackerjacks: Surviving Footage

The year is 2005-ish. The location, a chicken farm in Howell, NJ. The band, the ever so elusive, Dogo & Crackerjacks, a band formed around a mock band name scrawled on a rehearsal room sign up sheet. Two anti-scenester ladies up front and and Kevin Winter (2673, ASPS, PIV) pounding out his frustrations on the drums. This is the only video footage that survived. One demo tape titled, 'Bast' available from dihd.net.

18 November 2010

Halloween Fun

Here we have some videos from this past Halloween at Dreamcastle in Philadelphia. It was a spooky evening filled with dark/folk/psych music, ghosts, ghouls, and a sexy robot.

It wouldn't be a Halloween show without Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band. Their eerily dark folkish songs are akin to listening to lullabies f0r demons

Snowbaby lightened up the mood with some mostly acoustic tunes that would be fitting to listen to whilst dancing with sprites through the woods

Haunted Houses played their brand of loosely structured melancholy folk-rockesqe jams

Lastly, Good Weather this is their first filmed set since 2005

More footage for viewing at http://www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera

16 November 2010

Jerk Meal - Ride From A Stranger (2010)

14 minutes can make a hell of a difference... I was only going to post two of these up here, but if you know what Joose is (I'm talking to you, ALL OF NEW BRUNSWICK), this one goes out to you... and please, for your health, on behalf of The Brown Christmas and all who are friends with them, do not ingest anything while watching this... It's just too good... And I promise this is the last time this year I will do 3 posts in a row of the same dudes doin' shit... Just sit back and love it:

Jerk Meal - Lil' Caesar's Day (2010)

As promised a few minutes ago, here's a really unsettling comedy video of 2/3 of The Brown Christmas making anyone who watches this feel... you know... well... you don't yet... but yeah... don't eat anything that comes up as easily as it goes down before you watch this unless you like doing spit-takes... The only video they have that's more unsettling is coming up in the next post...

Jerk Meal - Rahway Flea Market (2010)

I couldn't help myself; I knew Mike wouldn't post this because he's a part of it; but this is fucking brilliant... Filmed in Rahway, NJ (15 min north/east of New Bruns), here's the first of two of their comedy videos featuring members/music of The Brown Christmas that I will post today... well, this morning:

13 November 2010

The Nicolas Cage (October 28, 2010)

Live from The Nicolas Cage; an evening of noise and drone metal, the kind of stuff that makes your brain vibrate inside your head in a most enjoyable fashion. If you're in the mood for something dark and heavy curl up next to your computer and check out these videos.

First up, we've got Tonio Hubilla (of ASPS and Hikikomori)

Next up is Robedoor from L.A.:

Here's Tsantsa out of NY:

And finally, two New Brunswick/Highland Park dudes, Kevin Winter and David Sutton of 2673 and Car Commercials, respectively:

more videos from this night can be seen at http://www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera

12 November 2010

2006 Compilation Tape

These tracks are from a compilation tape I released about 30 copies of back in 2006. I found the original tape the other day and decided this is a good a time as any to re-release it for free, this time in digital download form... There are 16 tracks by 12 bands/artists including The Yets, Doomsday Sleepover, The Brown Christmas and Ryanay. (running time approx. 60 min.)

For your listening pleasure, here it is (click picture to download):

Track list:
Side A:
01. The Yets - Purple Today
02. Coalition of the Willing - I Want To Touch It
03. Magnet City Kids - The Robot Knows
04. Ryanay - Can't Find Anyone
05. Steve Viegas - Halifax
06. Welcoming Vocal Wonderful & Keyboard My Friend - Alright Lover
07. Ryanay - Microphone
08. Steve Viegas - Rain
09. The Yets - Stealth

Side B
10. Doomsday Sleepover - The Darkest Shade
11. The Brown Christmas - The Torture Room
12. Mincemeat or Tenspeed - Frankenstein's Dead
13. The Brown Christmas - Joe and Mike Circus
14. Preach Biitter Sermons - Sleep Agreement
15. Human Adult Band - Hoop Dreams
16. Stranger Danger - Tachyon

11 November 2010

Car Commercials Live 5/28 Audio

Here's a live audio set of Car Commercials. Dan Dimaggio (Home Blitz) and Dave Sutton (Current Amnesia) with guest Tonio Hubilla on second guitar.

Car Commercials Live 5/28/10

This set was recorded at a house on the corner of Easton Avenue and Courtlandt Street in New Brunswick. Also on the bill was Needle Gun (Baltimore), Coughin' Nails (NB), Jalopy (NB).

Thanks to Ben and Eric for the house-spot.

(the computer I'm using prohibits copying photos, but you can imagine what these dudes look like...)
Edit: fix'd (click picture for link).

Also, check out their newest 7", Prisoner of Type

09 November 2010

DJ Dogdick, Zomgrul Octim, & Door (2008, interview)

Another non-music post, which there may be a few more of in the future, here's Max's (DJ DogDick's) attempted interview of stragglers at a pre-INC show in Orlando, Florida in February, 2008... I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did. (Please excuse my sidepipe.)

...And yes, we're all from Chaos420balls, France.

Here's a link to Scott Williams' show on WFMU where if you skip to about 1 hour and 23 minutes in, you'll hear Max as DJ Dogdick off of his most recent release (to date)

07 November 2010

King Astro's Trip (2005, full set)

A while back, I posted parts of this set, but now that I've found the original tape it was recorded on, I'm able to post the whole set... It's about 28 minutes long and recorded on May 29, 2005 at Castle Puppy:

Anti-Folk Show (2010)

Here's a few songs from various musicians from 10/15/10 at Camp Crystal Lake.
First off Burnt Snake Trio making saxy music

Next up we have Sam Wade. There were some guitar troubles during their set luckily K saved the day with his clown vomit guitar.

The Fools came over from Brooklyn to play some mellow tunes

Also from Brooklyn; Joe Crow Ryan a very enjoyable hour of covers, originals, and some crowd participation

The night ended with an improvised group jam. There's a brief skip in the middle due to the power strip the camera was plugged into coming loose.

more footage from this night and others is available for viewing on the youtubes at http://www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera

06 November 2010

Pedro Angel Serrano (2008)

Also known as Old Man Pedro, here he is giving a spoken word performance on May 30, 2008:

(skip to about 5 minutes in for the actual start, before that it's just technical difficulties)

05 November 2010

Pact of Wolves (2010, again)

I usually like to space out sets by the same band, but I couldn't help myself here... Again, here's Pact of Wolves, live at the Court Tavern:

Once again, credit goes to Mike for filming this.

The Ryanay Christmas (2010)

Recorded on September 20, 2010 at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick, here's a Ryanay set that includes JoeMazing and Mike of The Brown Christmas as the backing band in one of the longest sets you'll see on this blog:

I'm not sure who was holding the camera, but thanks to Mike for uploading it.

Pact of Wolves (2010)

Recorded at a 4th of July party at Camp Crystal Lake in New Bruns, this, like a previous Ryanay set from the same day, is a rare afternoon show by Pact of Wolves, which is Alvin and Tony Funfetti of Pots and Powercells and Bog Body, among other bands. If you like no-wave twee, you'll love this shit:

Special thanks to Mike for filming this and posting it on the 'tubes.

02 November 2010

Human Adult Band (2010)

I've posted a few Human Adult Band videos, but none from recently. Until now. From a show that also saw Sewn Leather and Narwhalz (of sound) at PILAM in Philadelphia on October 30, 2010, here are a few songs from their set.

(sorry for the blurriness, the camera lens was fucked up.)

The Brown Christmas (2010)

A few sets by The Brown Christmas have already been posted, but this one takes the cake. Guest singers, an attempt by a spectator to end the set, and, of course, the greatest singalong of all time.

Joe and Mike, here with Sean and K of Mike Bruno's Black Magic Family Band and Pots and Powercells, respectively, on October 25, 2010 at the Court Tavern:

(Thanks to Ben for filming the set on Mike's Camera)