29 October 2010

Munch Box (2010)

Recorded on August 21, 2010 in a back yard in Fords, NJ, Munch Box is myself (K), Alvin and Tony Funfetti of Bog Body, Pact of Wolves, Jalopy, and Pots & Powercells. I don't remember much of this, other than I started by reading from a book called Mutants Amok: Mutant Hell... Enjoy:

Thanks to Mike of The Brown Christmas for sending me the video.

Secret Dyke (2009)

Although they haven't played any shows, Secret Dyke has been putting together collaboration via email tracks since 2009. Here's one of those tracks over a video I made for them about a year ago...

Twan's Dream (2007)

Another video of a show at Mutiny's House, this time, it's Twan's Dream. I posted a more recent set of theirs here, but this set's a little harsher. Recorded on November 17, 2007 during what was originally supposed to be a Car Commercials set, but was changed at the last minute, here's Twan's Dream:

Bobo (2008)

Recorded on March 22, 2008 at the burrito shop, same day as this Bad News Bats set, and also from Philly, Bobo was simply great. I managed to pick up a copy of one of their their CDs, Live at Warm Daddy's, which came with a t-shirt and a free wash (a ziploc bag filled with laundry detergent). Again, since I didn't have my real camera with me, here's a couple medium-quality videos of high-quality weird:

Blastocyst (2008)

On May 9, 2008 Blastocyst (off of Heat Retention Records) came out from Brooklyn to play at th' burrito shop, and, before picking up their split with Reverse Mouth (which fucking rules), I filmed their set, so here it is:

Bad News Bats (2008)

Based out of Philadelphia, the Bad News Bats came out to the burrito shop to play along with Bobo on March 22, 2008. Unfortunately, I didn't have my real camera with me, so this is all from a crappy point'n'shoot digital camera.

26 October 2010

Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band (2010)

After playing New Brunswick basements solo for years singing about whiskey and Halloween, this past year saw the addition of a backing band and more intricate songwriting styles... Recorded at the Basement Gallery on October 16, 2010, here's Mike Bruno & th' Black Magic Family Band

(Thanks to Russ for the videos.)

Lifers (again,2006)

After posting his first New Brunswick set here, and an interview he did here, I figured I'd post this set from December 10, 2006 at Castle Puppy here:

Magnet City Kids (2005)

I've already posted part of this video here, but this clip is the first 11 or so minutes of the set, all I had recorded before the camera battery died, again, here are the Magnet City Kids at Learning Secrets on April 1, 2005.

(Around 6:37 into the video, someone gives the crowd ye olde pressed ham through a window, which, [un]fortunately, I did not capture)

Car Commercials (2008)

This set, played in total darkness, was recorded on May 22, 2008 at Mutiny's house on High St.

More info available here: http://www.softabuse.com/artists/car_commercials.html

Nativ Virus (sort of, 2005)

I already posted a Nativ Virus set, but these two videos are from a bit earlier than the others... During the weekend of April 21-23, 2005, members of the band, including members of Doomsday Sleepover, The Yets, King Astro's Trip, Preach Bitter Sermons, and a few others traveled to Poughkeepsie, NY to record in a studio... This first video is some of the footage of that recording session, plus the aftermath (a bonfire and a voyage to find blue rocks).

This next video is from April 23, 2005 at a house on Senior St. Andrew/Lifers, Anthony and JP of Bog Body/Vehm, and K played a last-minute set at the end of a show.

21 October 2010

This Town Needs A Parade (2007)

I'm not sure exactly when these This Town Needs A Parade parades started, but the first one I was at was in 2005 and featured the Magnet City Kids playing on the steps of Brower Dining Hall on College ave.

This video starts out somewhere along Livingston Ave in the late afternoon of November 3, 2007, goes down George St, up Hamilton St. to College Ave, where it leads into the second video with JP DJing an outdoor dance party, and the third video is most of the set played by Screaming Females that night.

Pots & Powercells on th' radio (2010)

Jaime from The Yets/AOI/Coalition of the Willing/P&P posted this a few months back... A Pots and Powercells set from March 11, 2010 on hearnewbrunswick.com's The Big Surprise (full audio of the podcast available as an mp3 here).

Jaime's description (via YouTube)
"POTS AND POWERCELLS radio excerpt - march eleventh two thousand ten - featured on 'the Big Surprise' hosted by Jon Dugan and Morgan Dowd out of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Audio extracted thusly and applied to visual documentation captured by Sean. 


POTS AND POWERCELLS is a 'junk jazz' group echoing after the early 2000's BUCKETS AND BATTERIES. This performance is featuring:

K (Guitar, Noise)
An Lally (Flute)
Alvin (Guitar)
Mike 'Burnt Marmalade' McCoskey (Guitar)
Jimmy Morren (Percussion)
Dave Roque (Percussion)
Caitlin Sulley (Percussion, Banjo)
Trevor Pennsylvania (Bass, Percussion)
James Schmidt (Noise, Guitar)
JP (Percussion)

* Kate M (Noise)
* Tonio (Guitar, Noise)"

ASPS (2009)

I posted an ASPS set from 2008 a few weeks back, thinking it was the only one I had. I found another video of a whole set from June 21, 2009 at Meat Town. Sorry it's in black and white; there was a problem encoding the video and now it looks all artsy and shit.

Jessica Rylan (2007)

I don't remember much about this show other than it was kind of crazy, and a bunch of assholes wouldn't shut up during her set. Instead of doing a noise set this night, October 13, 2007, Jessica Rylan played a completely acoustic set.

Vvltvre (2008)

This set is brutal as fuck. Lit only by a small light on a bass and another down a shirt, Vvltvre came down from Providence, RI to play at Mutiny's House on May 22, 2008 in almost total darkness and, for about 25 minutes, recreated a hell much cooler than the hell that is a New Brunswick Basement. They had played at Castle Puppy a few months earlier, but, unfortunately, there are no recordings of that set that I know of. 

Related band: Bonedust.

(I remembered I had to post this when I spilled beer on my shirt that I got from them at this show.)

King Darves (2006, 2009)

I've already posted a few Darves/Jenny Haniver videos, but this is the earliest set I have by him. Recorded on November 10, 2006 at World Trade Slayer on Comstock St, I think this might have been the first time I had a camera at one of his acoustic sets:

This next set was recorded at Meat Town on June 15, 2009 and is, so far, the most recent video I have of him... More from this set might follow as I go over the tape.

18 October 2010

Human Adult Band (2008)

This song, recorded on December 8, 2008, is, appropriately enough, about workin' the New Brunswick drunk scene and performed live at the Court Tavern on Church St. David Roque of Doomsday Sleepover/Preach Bitter Sermons/Pots & Powercells takes over on bass for this set and went on to play with th' Adults on their 2009 European tour.

Tapes, records, and CD's are available through dihd.net.

Other Adult Band posts:
here and here

Coalition of the Willing (2005)

Filmed on April 10, 2005, this set includes such instant classics as "Baseball," "Labrador, Labrador," and "I Want To Touch It." Although mostly from Connecticut, these dudes played a bunch of New Brunswick basement shows in 2005 and Jaime (drums) went on to play with The Yets, Pots and Powercells, and AOI.

King Astro's Trip (2005)

Another set recorded at Castle Puppy on May 29, 2005, This is what I have left of the video of their whole set, which, somehow over the years, has been lost to the land of digital misplacement, something like that place where all the left socks go.

I previously posted a set that Kevin (guitar) and Shae (drums) played together as "Good Weather" and that Kevin played with Dave of Doomsday Sleepover/Preach Bitter Sermons as "Red Dalmatian."

Other bands playing that night included Doomsday Sleepover, Social Junk, and Preach Bitter Sermons.

Rutgers Gardens Family Jam (2005)

The last set of the night on March 26, 2005, this jam featured all of the members of Doomsday Sleepover, Coalition of the Willing, Preach Bitter Sermons, VHS Porn, and a bunch of other kids playing every instrument we could find, being as loud as possible in the middle of nowhere at some godforsaken hour in the A.M. It was basically a precursor to Nativ Virus.

16 October 2010

The d.i.h.d. Band (2007)

Sometime around November 2007, Mike and Trevor of the Human Adult Band, Dave of Preach Bitter Sermons, and Justin of Namarrgon bought a bottle of scotch, put on some costumes, and did this:

Lifers Interviews New Brunswick (2006)

On November 24, 2006, Andrew Lifers took my camera and asked a few locals what they thought about New Brunswick. Here's what I woke up to on my camera the next morning.

Ryanay (2007)

Recorded on November 25, 2007 at Mutiny's House on High St., the same night as this Jenny Haniver set.

Here's Ryanay and JoeMazing of The Brown Christmas blastin' out some stoner drones. 

15 October 2010

Black Pus (2007)

Brian Chippendale of Lightning Bolt came down to play at Castle Puppy along with Kites, Earth Crown, and Russian Tsarlag on October 17, 2007 and was definitely the most energetic set of the night.

Thanks to Anthony of Bog Body/Vehm/Doomsday Sleepover for filming this... Here's the whole 35 minute set:

Human Adult Band (well, not really) (2007)

Here's a short clip of Mike and Nicole of the Human Adult Band singing "Oh Susanna."

...and here's an adorable picture of Mike (L) and Gus (R).

Social Junk (2005)

Holy shit.

Filmed on May 29, 2005 at Castle Puppy, this set was, at the time, the loudest set I'd ever seen. These Philly freaks, calling themselves Social Junk, came out to play with Preach Bitter Sermons, King Astro's Trip, and Doomsday Sleepover and they fucking killed.

Jenny Haniver (2007)

This set by Jenny Haniver//King Darves was recorded on November 25, 2007 at Mutiny's House, over on High St. in New Brunswick. Recorded on two cameras and a tape recorder and mixed with audio from all three, here's a video I've been unfortunately letting sit in obscurity for years.

Door (2007)

I already posted one of Door's sets, but what the hell, here's another. October 16, 2007 at Castle Puppy, along with Kites, Russian Tsarlag, and Black Pus.

Waste Gates (2008)

An east coast sludge pile based out of (at the time) Baltimore, New Brunswick, and Providence, Waste Gates fucking rules. Anthony and JP of Vehm and Bog Body with James from INTENSE and Christmas, and a side of Dylan on electronics makes this performance at S.Carey Studios//America in Baltimore on April 17, 2008 fucking rad.

Here are a few shots of their
next show, 3 days later, at the
Big Rock Candy Mountain in Philly.

14 October 2010

Preach Bitter Sermons (2004)

Again, Preach Bitter Sermons, but this time live at Hamilton St. Cafe in Bound Brook, this was one of the very first shows I filmed, and it took place on July 2, 2004.

Gorgot (2005)

King Darves and Andrei here make up the two-piecer, Gorgot, as they play on the floor at the Learning Secrets festival in New Brunswick on April 1, 2005. Also playing that day were Nautical Almanac, Magnet City Kids, and Wolf Eyes.

Lifers (2006)

Lifers, once a New Brunswick lifer, relocated to Baltimore in 2009 to continue his work deafening the crusties of today. This show was recorded at an old house on Louis St. in New Brunswick on November 11, 2006, one of his first solo sets. After playing in Preach Bitter Sermons for years and recording with Nativ Virus, Andrew started playing sets on his own, and here, for your viewing pleasure, is the first recorded set of his in New Brunswick.

Y'all didn't hear this from me, but I hear this motherfucker eats ice cream.

Kakerlak (2008)

Another Baltimore resident, Kakerlak plays here at th' Bank in West Baltimore on April 13, 2008, a show that also saw Earth Crown and DJ Dogdick & Zomgrul Octim.

Kahdena (2007)

Kahdena is Jim, formerly of Whorl and presently a member of Pots & Powercells, playing guitar noises. This set was shot with two video cameras and recorded on cassette tape. The audio is a mix of all three. This show was on December 5, 2007, and at present, I'm not sure who else played that night.

Mir (2009)

Mir is Matt of Sociotree, formerly of AWAKE and Pigeon Language, part time east coast resident, part time Spain dweller, playing a mix of samplers, pedals, and guitars. This set was also at Meat Town, alongside Cache, Twan's Dream, and Slasher Risk on June 27, 2009.

Cache (2009)

A Nutley, NJ native/Jersey City resident, Tiana plays as Cache here in this video recorded at Meat Town on June 27, 2009, during a show that also featured Twan's Dream, Mir, and Slasher Risk.

DJ Dogdick & Zomgrul Octim (2008)

DJ Dogdick (Max Eisenberg) and Zomgrul Octim (JP of Vehm and Bog Body) played together for a few shows in the spring and summer of 2008, including a set at the 2008 International Noise Conference. This particular video is from April 13, 2008 at Th' Bank, Max's place in west Baltimore... Also playing that night were Earth Crown (Door), Kakerlak, and a few others I can't remember.

...and here are a few pictures from that adventure in B'more.

JP, Anthony, James, and Max

JP and Door




13 October 2010

Kites (2007)

If you're reading this, odds are you know who Kites is. Here's a set he played at Castle Puppy on October 16, 2007... Other bands playing that night included Black Pus, Russian Tsarlag, Earth Crown, and a few others. I don't really have anything else to say, so here it is:

Vehm (2007)

This band, possibly more than any other, is the one I regret not getting a good video of the most. There might be a reunion show sometime in late December, but details are still iffy... Vehm is Anthony of Doomsday Sleepover and Bog Body on guitar, JP (Zomgrul Octim) on drums and George of the Symptom screaming.

This show was at the burrito shop on Easton Ave. sometime in the spring of 2007, and was recorded with a shitty digital camera... the audio goes a little out of sync with the video in part 2, but what the hell, watch it anyway.



11 October 2010

Bog Body (2010)

Special thanks to Mike of The Brown Christmas for filming and posting this one. Bog Body is Anthony of Doomsday Sleepover, Waste Gates, and Vehm, JP aka Zomgrul Octim of Vehm, and Tony Funfetti of Pact of Wolves and Pots and Powercells doing stoner grunge. This is from March 27, 2010 at the hose formerly known as The Nicolas Cage.

The Yets (2007)

Formerly of New Brunswick, and presently split between Brooklyn, NY and Philadelphia, PA, The Yets began after a series of jams between Jaime (drums/vocals) and James (guitar) started producing catchy, if somewhat goofy songs, such as "Beer Warrior" "Stealth," and "Buyin' Shit"... these two videos have all three of these songs and was recorded on November 9, 2007 at Your Mom's House... I was not there so I'm not sure who recorded this.

This next video is the song "Purple Today," recorded on October 19, 2007 at the burrito shop... Other bands playing that night included The Brown Christmas and a few others I can't recall right now...

Preach Bitter Sermons (2004, 2005)

Preach Bitter Sermons started out as a variety of projects between David Roque an drummer Mike R. in high school during after-school jams nearly every day for a number of years. After adding Andrew Lifers to the line-up and drifting away from guitar/bass and drums and more towards noise jams with percussion.

This first video is from way back, more specifically, October 14, 2004 in the basement of "Hot" 97 Commercial. Mellower and more controlled, it features David on guitar and electronics, Mike on drums, and Andrew on pedals.

This second video, however, is pretty brutal. At Castle Puppy on May 29, 2005 and featuring Matt on vocals, ax, and cauldron, parts of this set were downright terrifying. Drunken powerelectronics and ax-wielding frontmen are fucking awesome, but in a space as small as that, things are a little scary.

After cutting off the light (quite literally), the set gets dark. I cut the video short by about 10 minutes, since YouTube only allows up to 15 minutes to be posted.

Good Weather (2005)

Good Weather, originally from Nutley, NJ, before relocating to Boston, MA then Jersey City, NJ, features Kevin and Shae of King Astro's Trip/Happy Halloween. This show, recorded on February 11, 2005, was on Senior St. in New Brunswick. Unfortunately, the video had to be trimmed for time and does not feature the beginning of the set, which is Kevin on a Casio SK-1 playing a melody of voice samples, but perhaps one day I'll get around to posting the whole set EDIT: fix'd. Kevin has also played solo as Most Furniture, with Pigeon Language, Red Dalmatian, and in some studio recordings with Nativ Virus that were made in 2005, recordings of the latter two have since been sitting on an external hard drive in my room for years pending release.

These dudes are sick.

VHS Porn (2005)

This was VHS Porn's last show and if you watch the whole video, you'll see why. Started in late 2004 with JP (future member of Nativ Virus, Vehm, Bog Body, and later known as Zomgrul Octim) on drums, future Mr. Slow-Tongued-Beauty on synth and vocals, and myself on guitar/bass/pedals. Recorded on March 26, 2005 on a night that also saw Doomsday Sleepover, Coalition of the Willing (with future Yets/AOI member Jaime), and Preach Bitter Sermons.

The set gets cut a little short when a misstep lands a harmonica microphone on Andrew Lifers' face, triggering the spilling of blood and testament to Andrew's ability to take shit.

The post-set footage was included because, hey, who doesn't like watching first-aid being performed after a set?

Womb Bomb (2006)

Recorded in Lifers' parents' basement in the January 2006, Womb Bomb features future touring bassist for the Human Adult Band, David Roque, who was also in Preach Bitter Sermons and Nativ Virus with drummer, Mike, and their then housemate Jen Mittens. Sincerely goofy and honest in the presentation, sitting through this was a fucking blast. Truly a shame that they never played again.

Without further ado, here is Womb Bomb performing their hit single, "Do The Funny Dance Move At The Dance!"

Thanks to Alex Brawler for recording this and giving me a copy to throw up on the 'Tubes.

(The guitar keeps cutting out because whilst flicking the lights on and off, the power switch was also turning the amps on and off.)

Human Adult Band (2008)

This particular Human Adult Band set was filmed on January 19, 2008 at Mutiny's House, which at the time was becoming the only noise house left in town. Most other shows going on in town were more rock & roll oriented and the departure of Door to Baltimore was a blow to community, but Mutiny's House, until closing its doors at the end of summer 2008, had steady shows, usually twice a month but at times as often as twice a week. This was possibly the loudest Human Adult Band set I've recorded in New Brunswick and as such the audio is a bit blown out, but honestly, who doesn't love loud, slow, filthy rock and roll?

Numerous tapes, cd-rs, 7"s, and LPs are available at dihd.net.

Nativ Virus (2005)

This little gem comes from June 9, 2005 and features members of Doomsday Sleepover, Human Adult Band, Pots & Powercells, Ryanay, Bog Body, and Vehm. Recorded at Woodbridge High School in front of a crowd that clearly is not into it (watch and enjoy as groups of kids stand up and leave, some actually running), playing as loudly as possible, rolling around the stage and floor, and clearing out the room.

Luckily, this was the last set of the night, which was filled with nu-metal emo bands and Ryanay jamming out with a friend who played cello. Watch all the way through and you get the prize at the bottom of the box... a reaction video.

Apparently, this was the last time this school had a class show. Special thanks to Kate (Lifers' sister) for filming this. It would have been difficult to hold the camera with one hand on a mixer and the other punching a box of what was once a car windshield.

(at 5:36 in the video, there is a single frame of band member Mike striking a pose, perfectly illuminated by a camera flash. Check it out. It's great.)

M.R. again

JP of Bog Body and Vehm

action shot

(L to R) Ryanay, M.R.,
Veronica, Alex Brawler

(L to R) some dude, David,
Andrew Lifers, K, JP

(L to R) M.R., Josh,
Andrew Lifers, JP