27 May 2011

Pots and Powercells, CJ Boyd, & James Christy (2011)

Here's another under the bridge show from May 26, 2011... First up, a band featured many times before, this time adding JoeMazing of The Brown Christmas to the lineup,

Pots and Powercells

Next up, the perpetually touring barefoot bassist,

CJ Boyd

and Finally, everybody's favorite, (playing with along with Sean of the Black Magic Family Band and Jaime of AOI/The Yets),

James Christy

09 May 2011

Two Monster Shows in May '11

Curmudgeon Records' Last Hurrah..

Sat May 21st 2011 7pm

Gondola (Philly Heavy Sabbath Riffs. These guys can play)
Human Adult Band (Zud Pliff on the Milk Maid Maiden Dudd)
Company Corvette (Philly Power Trio with real cool & heavy riffs)

@ Curmudgeon Records
31 W. Main St.
Somerville, NJ

Sad but true. Curmudgeon Records will be closing it's doors soon. We will all miss the digging in Somerville. For me, I've been hipped to some really great punk, garage, glam and power violence by these guys since '95 or so. And they've been carrying (and selling) my band's records since I was playing in High School punk bands. Forever grateful for this store. Will be missed. Come say good bye with these heavy jammers.


Underneath th' Bridge Show
Thurs May 26th 2011 6pm

C.J. Boyd (bass guitar environments)
Pots & Powercells (backwards jams. free since '09)

@ Underneath th' Bridge
Highland Park, NJ


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