29 November 2012

Tiny Teeth (2012)

Definitely at the Bath Haus, no idea when, though.

Dolores Boys & Human Adult Band @ Random Tea Room (2012)

Got another Philly show for yous guys. Live at the Random Tea Room,

Dolores Boys:

and, of course, the always great Human Adult Band:

Sprites, Bad Braids, Mike Bruno @ The Alamo (2012)

Not quite sure when this was recorded, so I'll just start.

First up, Sprites:

Next, we've got Bad Braids:


And finally, another great set by Mike Bruno:

Sea Creature @ The Alamo (2012)

First show in 4 years. I'll let the footage speak for itself.

(There's more, I gotta re-up it. The sound is missing for some damn reason.)

Cold Furnace, Dream Team, Pots & Powercells at the Dump Bucket (2012)

This show was supposed to be Under th' Bridge in Highland Park, but, because of stupid, it got moved to the Dump Bucket Pub in an undisclosed location.

If the audio fails to play, try loading at 720p. YouTube's been doing this to my videos for some reason.

First up, Cold Furnace:

Next up, we've got Dream Team:

And finally, in our last show after 3+ years of goofin' around,
Pots and Powercells.

A damn shame the battery died, we played a lot longer, getting drunker and louder as the night went on.