23 September 2011

Sparkle Shit, Cat Vet, 3JANE, and Black Wine @ The Alamo (2011)

September 22, 2011.
This was a damn good show. Every band. Hell yeah.

Sparkle Shit:

Cat Vet:


Black Wine:

15 September 2011

The Winners & Mike Bruno (2011)

I had planned on recording the whole show, but my drunk ass had the resolution on my camera too damn high, killing my battery... Speaking of killing things, here are The Winners, killing it on September 14, 2011 in New Brunswick:

And now, everybody's favorite, Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band:

(more photos coming soon... check back later)

04 September 2011

Stranger Danger - Lazy Fuck (2008)

So, I was sitting in a park this morning trying to film the sunrise. I failed. When I realized I had a track that fit the footage, I went back and listened to the rest.

Here's the inspiration to do this,

...and here's the rest of it:
(click for link, .zip of the cd-r)