29 December 2010

Jalopy (2010)

Here, we've got Jalopy, which is Tony Funfetti of Bog Body with Axel Brawler playing at Meat Town, December 28, 2010, right after Period Girls and PILE:

Here's a place to get a free recording from them!

PILE (2010)

After driving all the way from MA with roads covered in a foot of snow/runoff and black ice, PILE did their thing at Meat Town, along with Period Girls and Jalopy, and here they are:

Period Girls (2010)

Another older vi--- wait, no. Last night, Period Girls played at Meat Town along with Jalopy and PILE. I can't get these songs out of my head. Now you can't either.

(click image for band website)

27 December 2010


I have acquired an HD flash memory camcorder. Expect a ton of new videos up in the coming months... I'll try to get them up within a day or two of filming.

That is all.


19 December 2010

November 17th

Apologies for the extreme delay in getting the posted; kept coming home and falling asleep before starting things uploading. Anyway here you go more music at The Nicolas Cage; hope you’re not in the mood for happy music.
First off from Tampa Florida Craow. This set was aptly described by K as “Being on downers in space” http://www.myspace.com/craownotcrow

Next also from Tampa Florida; Father Finger. They were touring together when this was filmed though I imagine by now that tour is done. http://fatherfinger.blogspot.com/

Lastly Coughin Nails (Trevor Pennsylvania of Human Adult Band and JP of Bog Body) doing some creepy garage rock.

More video fun at www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera

13 December 2010

Fun Machine (2008)

Another bunch of freaks from Middlesex County, Fun Machine has been shredding guitars, keys, drums, and brains for a number of years now, and I regret never getting a chance to film them (or filming them and losing the video, one of those two, can't quite remember), but thankfully YouTube user willyflynn (again, I gotta find out who this is) did.

First off, here's their song Liquid Pants (I believe off of an album of the same name, could be mistaken) live at the Lit Lounge in NYC on May 2, 2008:

And here's another live performance from November '08, might want to turn the speakers up on this one, it's a little quiet, but still freaky:

And finally, a performance on WRSU FM in New Brunswick, April 11, 2008:

08 December 2010

Roadside Graves (2008)

I did not record this, I just found it on YouTube under user Willyflynn's account, but every time the Roadside Graves play the Court Tavern, it's packed, so it would be a sin to not post something by them... Here's Far and Wide live at the Court Tavern from January 2008:

I came across this as well on my search for a Graves video, and I might as well post it... from HearYa.com in Chicago (?), here's a really well done and recorded version of their song "Ruby."

Try to get that out of your head.

Holy shit, they have a music video: