27 April 2011

Michael Chapman, Darves, Bruno, & Crystal Mountain Music & Tumulty's (2011)

Opening the show was the Crystal Mountain Music Collective (blog here) performing a singer/songwriter-style indie set:

Next up was New Brunswick ex-pat Mike Bruno and his Black Magic Family Band, bringing the creepiness (bandcamp here):

Next we had another New Brunswick ex-pat, King Darves (record here):

...and finally, the reason everybody came out, Michael Chapman, UK folk legend, live, in the flesh ():

24 April 2011

Mattress @ Meat Town (2011)

What better way to polish off the legacy of Meat Town as a show house than to have Mattress fucking kill it?

(watch the whole video for an epic story!)

14 April 2011

Michael Chapman (U.K. Folk Legend) Live in NB

Tues April 26th 2011 7:30Pm
Michael Chapman (U.K. Folk Legend)
King Darves (Destijl Records)
Mike Bruno and his Black Magik Family Band
Sabeel Azam
@ Tumulty's Pub
361 George St
New Brunswick, NJ

12 April 2011

Suicide Magnets & Good Weather @ Dreamcastle (2011)

For James (of The Yets/Scary Poppins/lots of other bands) birthday party on April 2 at Dreamcastle, there was one hell of a show... unfortunately, my camera was not charged enough to catch all of it, so here's what I've got so far:

Suicide Magnets:

Good Weather:

Mike Bruno & Mattress @ The Raconteur (2011)

March 31, Metuchen, NJ... first off, a stripped down version of Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band:

Also playing that night was Mattress, from New Brunswick:

04 April 2011

Post Shower Drip first release; c25

Post Shower Drip is Tony Funfetti's bedroom-recording music project. 
PSD Vol. I: Good Without Clothes c25
Recorded in parts throughout New Brunswick, NJ from '06 - '09.
This is my tribute to all the dogs in my life.


- Also, to download the first 3.5 minutes of PSDII: White People, click the link below.

Happy springtime, everybody