31 December 2012

New Releases from dihd recordings...

Kohoutek/Pots & Powercells
'Public Access Boogey'/'Our Little Gripe'
Musicassette / c40
Split tape between psych rock stalwarts, Kohoutek and house jammers, Pots & Powercells. Kohoutek's side, 'Public Access Boogey' was recorded live on public access TV in Massachusetts. Their jam takes up th' whole twenty minute side. Cosmic guitar leads from John Stanton, Parson Sound-esque bass rumble and heavy drum beats from Scott Verrastro. Th' Powercells side, 'Our Little Gripe' might be their last, as th' band fell apart in 2012. Textured guitars, Les Rallizes Denudes-esque groove bass and assorted noise makers for the first 2/3 of their side. Then little (music) bits to follow...you know...little doo-dads...little bits. $7ppd

Mohawk Barbie
'Doomsday Culture'
Two new tracks, 'Doomsday Culture' and 'Your Spitting on My Grave', recorded deep in th' woods of Pennsylvania during a 2011 Mohawk Barbie retreat. Also a recently unearthed live set from when th' band was very active. Th' set was performed in New Brunswick, NJ in late summer of 2000. You can smell th' sweat and feel the broken glass digging through your palms as your jolted onto th' basement floor, then lovingly lifted up by friends. Frankenstein's Medical Journal exclaims 'It's Alive! It's Alive! New Brunswick Punk Rock is Alive!!' $7ppd

both available from dihd.net

13 December 2012

Spiritual Recess, Toe Ring, Brown Recluse Alpha @ The Bath Haus (2012)

Finally, an all noise show in New Brunswick. Last night (12/12/12) at the Bath Haus. Loud. Awesome.

First up, Spiritual Recess:

Next up, Toe Ring:

And finally, of course, Brown Recluse Alpha:

29 November 2012

Tiny Teeth (2012)

Definitely at the Bath Haus, no idea when, though.

Dolores Boys & Human Adult Band @ Random Tea Room (2012)

Got another Philly show for yous guys. Live at the Random Tea Room,

Dolores Boys:

and, of course, the always great Human Adult Band:

Sprites, Bad Braids, Mike Bruno @ The Alamo (2012)

Not quite sure when this was recorded, so I'll just start.

First up, Sprites:

Next, we've got Bad Braids:


And finally, another great set by Mike Bruno:

Sea Creature @ The Alamo (2012)

First show in 4 years. I'll let the footage speak for itself.

(There's more, I gotta re-up it. The sound is missing for some damn reason.)

Cold Furnace, Dream Team, Pots & Powercells at the Dump Bucket (2012)

This show was supposed to be Under th' Bridge in Highland Park, but, because of stupid, it got moved to the Dump Bucket Pub in an undisclosed location.

If the audio fails to play, try loading at 720p. YouTube's been doing this to my videos for some reason.

First up, Cold Furnace:

Next up, we've got Dream Team:

And finally, in our last show after 3+ years of goofin' around,
Pots and Powercells.

A damn shame the battery died, we played a lot longer, getting drunker and louder as the night went on.

29 October 2012


Friday Novemeber 9th 2012 8PM
This is gonna be a weird one...total banger.

DICK NEFF (PHILLY, PA) - One man drum terror, loud, fast, fucked up and heavy.

WRETCHED WORST(LEXINGTON, KY) - Degraded gut-wrenching metal/noise. bestial rock that oozes and pounds it's way into your mind.

TREVOR TRANSYLVANIA - Spooky and loud. Ghouls haunt this dude even after Halloween.

DK23000 - Harsh trance and disembodied terror.

5 bones or donation. please come on time.
'Ask A Freak' New Brunswick, NJ

09 September 2012

Harpoon Forever @ Legion Bar (2012)

I know I'm backed up as hell with shows I've filmed and not posted, so here's something new. New as in last night new. New as in we've never played as a band before new. New as in, fuck it, just watch it.

Harpoon Forever:

20 July 2012

Underneath th' NJ Transit Birdge in Highland Park NJ

Friday, August 24, 2012 6:00pm until 8:30pm
Underneath th' Nj Transit Bridge, Highland Park, NJ

(Experimental Music from Western Mass Hot Bed)
(Sweet Pop Songs by Alex Goldstein)
(mem of Adult Band, total fudgerudgery)
(Folk meets Black Metal via Justin Mank)

Suggested Donation $5-$8.

No Assholes, No alcohol!

09 July 2012

Cool Shirt, People Watching, Timid Roosevelts & Tiny Teeth @ Paradise Lost (2012)

I know it's been ages since I've updated, I've been lazy. And working on something else. But now, something recent:

(If a video loads without sound, try switching to 720p. I have no idea why this keeps happening.)

From July 7, 2012 at Paradise Lost in New Brunswick,

Cool Shirt:

People Watching:

Timid Roosevelts:

Tiny Teeth:

21 June 2012


Saturday July 7th 2012 7:30PM

(T Penn, Chaz Wetlands, Kyler George, Kevin Winter)

@ Lit Lounge
93 2nd Ave, New York, New York 10003-8352

First 20 people to buy a copy of Human Adult Band's "Hearing Damage Sessions" LP/MP3 album at this show get a free limited edition CD-r. Either "Live Avant Fairfax Fest 2011", "Live @ The Charleston, Brooklyn 2011" or "Hearing Damage Sessions Rehearsal Demos" --Hey Man, that's really really cool!

10 June 2012

First Show at the Bath Haus (2012)

Same old house, new dudes running shit with a new name. Hell of a first show if you ask me.

To antichristen the Bath Haus, here's Spellbook killin' it hard:

Next up, keeping it heavy as fuck, here's Thorn:

I went on a beer run and missed the first song or two, but here's the rest of the Nation on Fire set. Loud and fast. Shit yeah.

Next up, everyone went APE! for, well... APE!

And to finish us off, fucking Bible Thumper, FUCK YOU!

This house as a shitload of potential. I'm lovin' it.

06 June 2012

Suicide Magnets, Mirror Men, & Russian Tsarlag @ Pageant Gallery (2012)

The only thing I know for sure I did on my birthday (don't remember the cake I ate or the swordfighting in the dining room) was this show, and because there is footage.

Suicide Magnets:

Mirror Men:

Russian Tsarlag:

...and to those of you that were at the Russian Tsarlag/ Human Adult Band show in New Brunswick on 26 May, don't worry. We'll post that as soon as we're done cutting it together. We had multiple cameras running and a digital audio recorder going. It might take a week or two or three, but it will be posted.

Sprites, Mike Bruno, & Bad Braids @ The Wormhole (2012)

I want to say this show was on 5 May 2012, but I can't remember for sure... Probably wrong so nevermind. May was a long month. Anyway, let's get right to it.


Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band:

Bad Braids:

10/10, would time travel to this show again.

Sourpatch & Tiny Teeth @ The Alamo (2012)

These next two are from Sunday, 3 June, 2012, of course at The Alamo. For once a show actually started on time and I missed the first two bands (including Black Wine... dammit...), but anyway, from California,


And, as I was told at the show, this band is not called "The Shitty Beatles," but, instead, Tiny Teeth:

Summer Dresses @ Alfa Gallery (2012)

As promised, it is now June. Here is the first of the shows we've got but haven't had time to post. Now, unfortunately, I couldn't film this whole show (would've been nice to catch 2673), but here's what I did get.

From Saturday, 21 April, 2012 at Omega Sound Fix II @ the Alfa Gallery on Church St, New Brunswick,

Summer Dresses:

(I'm having trouble with the other videos from this show, so bear with me until I get them working)

24 May 2012

The Fire 5/16/12

...and now one from not so long ago.
First off here's me doing stuff.

Chalk Harmonica Vibe

next up Daddy Long Legs


and lastly the one who made this show possible 185668232

as always  more videos from this night and others can be viewed with you eyes at http://www.youtube.com/BasementsEtCetera

except for Chalk Harmonica Vibe which is here http://www.youtube.com/thebrownchristmas

Dreamcastle 3/24/12

Two shows for your viewing pleasure, after almost two days of uploading to youtube. First from way back in March at Dreamcastle.

Sleep Study

Soft Spot


Ghost Light

21 May 2012

2012's Under The Bridge jams

My apologies for not posting recently, laziness, drunkenness, and living in Phillyness made me forget:

I'll not waste more time. Here's the Highland Park Gem Collective:

Next up, the day's master of unceremonies, Trevor Pennsylvania:

Oh, boy. Again, another awesome full set by CJ Boyd. Still touring, still ruling.

And, finally, the master, King Darves

I have a lot more footage backed up from the past month or so, expect at least one show this month and the rest in June.

02 April 2012


A Nite Crawlers Tribute to Puddles of Muck full of Maggots & Flies with a Very Special Guest, th' SLIME FREAK!

SATURDAY MAY 26th 2012 7PM


@ Ask a Creep
New Brunswick, NJ


Saturday May 5th 2012 1PM
Join Us Underneath th' Bridge, Highland Park, NJ
For a Pot Luck Lunch and an Afternoon of Esoteric Music


25 March 2012

Lady in the Radiator & Banned Books @ The Dork House (2012)

I got to this show late and stopped filming early, so there's only a little bit to post. Really regretting not getting the whole show, but until I get a time machine, here's what I got:

Lady in the Radiator:

Banned Books:

21 March 2012

Dry Feet & 3JANE in New Brunswick (2012)

Another Philly band? YES, but this time, in a dark New Brunswick basement. Philly retard rock at its finest.

Dry Feet:

And yet again, always brilliant,


14 March 2012

Experimental Music Festival resonates in New Brunswick art gallery
Over fifteen innovative acts will perform at the bleeding edge of sound on April 20th & 21st at Omega Sound Fix II at the Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ. The festival began in 2010 when curators Mark Weinberg and Michael Durek sought to fill a void for a spirited festival of new and innovative music in central NJ.

Among the performers this year is spoken word artist, Brick, who was born deaf but now
expresses himself with inspirational tones that he has created to cope with adversity. Brooklyn-
based experimental trio Prehistoric Horse, and danceable ambient artist $50 trumpet (also
hailing from Brooklyn) will be generously sharing their skills on the bill. Avant-garde vets
ArtCrime will take the stage on the opening night. And Chester Hawkins, playing as Blue
Sausage Infant, will be there from Washington D.C., hypnotizing and stimulating with loops,
arpeggiated vibrations, and everything in between.

The local element at the festival promises to be powerful. Blithe(doll), excavating their
innovative electro/trip-hop siren calls, will be returning for their second Omega Sound Fix
appearance, as will part-techno-part-down-tempo atmospheric laptop guru, Borne. Asbury Park’s
rising Wreaths will headline the first night, displaying their warm and mystifying saturated drones.
Fairychaser will stop you in your tracks with their heartbreaking combination of ethereal
percussion and starkly classic vocal stylings. STRNGLV’s multimedia demonstration of nebulous
pulses will take you on a trip to the astral plane, but don’t float away…

...because you don’t want to miss festival curators Mark Weinberg and Michael Durek, who will
combine sonic forces on day two for a memorable Trinitron/CloudCloud set. Trevor
Pennsylvania and Jim Schmidt’s foray into no-wave, a movement swaying you to the left of the
proverbial dial, will take shape as The Summer Dresses. 2673 will intrigue with his blissfully
oppressive sound worlds, ranging from barely there zero ambiance to speaker shredding walls of
noise static.

Open your mind. Allow these unique transmissions to wash over you. There is water
everywhere. This is the Omega Sound Fix. Your perfect prescription awaits.

Visit omegasoundfix.com for full line-up and details

Tickets are $6 for one day, $10 for a two-day pass. Doors open at 7 p.m. on Friday and
5 p.m. on Saturday.

13 March 2012

The Winners, Local Teen, & Y/Y @ Dreamcastle (2012)

Once again, at Dreamcastle, this time a few days later on 9 March, 2012, we'll get a little weirder.

The Winners:

Next up, from the makers of King Astro's Trip/Happy Halloween/Good Weather/many others,
Local Teen:


Mike Bruno, Daniel Bachmann, Wise Blood, & Quilt @ Dreamcastle (2012)

Again, my apologies for taking so long to get these up. These were all recorded at Dreamcastle in South Philly on 3 March, 2012, and all really damn good. There were more people there than I'd seen in a long time. Let's get started.

Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band:

then we move upstairs for

Daniel Bachman:

and back downstairs to the crowded basement for
Wise Blood:

and to finish us off (at least until my battery died),

29 February 2012

dK05//Jasper Phantom, David Sutton, IVDB & Veiled (2012)

Again, sorry about the delay. Recorded on 23 February at The Alamo, finally, another all noise show:

dK05//Jasper Phantom:

David Sutton:



Stiff Neck, Leech, Local Demise, & Loose Ends (2012)

I have no idea why I waited so long to post these, and I'll not waste any time:

Stiff Neck:


Local Demise:

Loose Ends:

10 February 2012

Them There, Thee Source ov Fawnation, and Drums like Machine Guns at Dreamcastle

An awesome night of music at the Dreamcastle
First up some haunting ambient drones from Them, There of Baltimore MD

Thee Source ov Fawnation from Olympia WA with electronic noise-ish dancey awesomeness

and lastly Drums like Machine Guns

http://www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera for more videos

More from Human Adult Band Record Release Show

1/13/12 @ The Marvelous
K had limited battery power and I had limited tape, but between us we caught the whole night. Weird camera issues delayed me from posting this, but here it is.

Here's Mike Bruno from a different angle

...and more Human Adult Band

All of Mike Bruno's set and Most of Human Adult Band from that night are available for your viewing pleasure at http://www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera

23 January 2012

Phantom Selector, Lazy Magnet, Jenny Haniver, & Noise Nomads @ The Wormhole (2012)

The first all-noise show in New Brunswick in nearly a year, it may have been the shortest in recent memory, but goddammit, it didn't matter.

First up, we've got JP's floating head and just a hand as the lights go out for this entire set by

Phantom Selector:

and next up, from Providence RI, 
Lazy Magnet:

I know you see this next video and think, damn, another King Darves video? Yes. Yes it is. It's King Darves, playing as Jenny Haniver and letting the noise flow through him:

And we finish this off with a set by Noise Nomads, out from Western Mass. to play a set haunted by technical difficulties and solved by percussive maintenance. In simpler words, amp shits out, hits amp to fix it. Hell yeah.

3Jane, Green Paper, & Dangerous Ponies @ The Dork House (2012)

Again, my apologies for taking so long with this... Recorded on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at The Dork House in New Brunswick:

First up, here's 3Jane:

next up, Green Paper:

And finally, Dangerous Ponies:

My apologies for not catching the whole show, I only got there as 3Jane was setting up.

18 January 2012

Human Adult Band record release show!

Again, this took too long to get posted. It's a bit lacking, but Mike will post the rest of the videos when the time is right.

I might as well tell y'all the date of this show. Friday the 13th. As in, Friday, January 13, 2012. First show of the last year. All of this is from The Marvelous!

First up, a shaky (read: hungover as balls) recording of most of the Mike Bruno & The Black Magic Family Band set:

Next up, Wendy and Kyler rule lots of balls as Suicide Magnets:

Well... what can I say?.. fuckin' Dick Neff:

and of course, Human Adult Band (full set coming soon...)

17 January 2012

New Year's Eve Eve @ Dreamcastle

Damn, I've been lazy. Should've posted these 2 weeks ago, but hell, better late than never. I'll do the (mostly) full sets first.

Here's a New Brunswick alum, now a Philly resident,
Slow Tongued Beauty:

Next up, we've got 
Jesse Sparhawk:

And to soften the mood a little,

Now for a shredder,
Daniel Bachman:

And the last set of the night,
Bad Braids:

and, why the hell not? one song by Mike Bruno: