24 May 2012

The Fire 5/16/12

...and now one from not so long ago.
First off here's me doing stuff.

Chalk Harmonica Vibe

next up Daddy Long Legs


and lastly the one who made this show possible 185668232

as always  more videos from this night and others can be viewed with you eyes at http://www.youtube.com/BasementsEtCetera

except for Chalk Harmonica Vibe which is here http://www.youtube.com/thebrownchristmas

Dreamcastle 3/24/12

Two shows for your viewing pleasure, after almost two days of uploading to youtube. First from way back in March at Dreamcastle.

Sleep Study

Soft Spot


Ghost Light

21 May 2012

2012's Under The Bridge jams

My apologies for not posting recently, laziness, drunkenness, and living in Phillyness made me forget:

I'll not waste more time. Here's the Highland Park Gem Collective:

Next up, the day's master of unceremonies, Trevor Pennsylvania:

Oh, boy. Again, another awesome full set by CJ Boyd. Still touring, still ruling.

And, finally, the master, King Darves

I have a lot more footage backed up from the past month or so, expect at least one show this month and the rest in June.