30 December 2014

Medication 'Home Truths' Cassette

Medication 'Home Truths' cassette 2014-ish
So from what I can gather, M. Hyde, is Medication. Sometimes his friends play with him as a band, other times he records tapes like this, alone, on his 4 track cassette machine. I was told by one of his Dead C loving band members, 'Home Truths' was made as a Medication tour tape. Dude's a pretty versatile song writer. I think some of it's like Leonard Cohen with a twist of Baltimore's At The Altar of the Cosmic Unicorn. A bit disjointed and rambling like Syd's solo records. Some of this is really powerful stuff. Some of the other tracks have a Sentridoh 'losercore' single vibe. Is this guy really insane? jk jk.

Couldn't find this tape on discogs.com,
but you can buy an Album by Medication from Scared Bones Records: Sacred Bones Records

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29 December 2014

Skullflower: 'Obsidian Shaking Codex' CD

I'm going to start reviewing odd releases. New stuff that gets sent to me and old stuff that is important to me. If you wanna send hard copies of tapes, records, cds get in touch: dihdrecords[at]gmail[dot]com

Skullflower: 'Obsidian Shaking Codex' CDR (RRR Records) 1993
drone rock ...noise rock....i prefer calling it noisy/distorted psych rock. all the elements of psych rock are here, repetition, some disciplined players, wild guitars, long jams. but instead of being something beautiful like In Gowan Ring or levitating like Les Razilles Denudes it's noisy as all hell. Fits in well @ the Captain Ron RRR camp. Wanna start a noisy psych rock band and have a lot of fun? listen closely!

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More Skullflower available from RRR Records: RRR Records

Listen here (I swear that tree is moving):