25 March 2012

Lady in the Radiator & Banned Books @ The Dork House (2012)

I got to this show late and stopped filming early, so there's only a little bit to post. Really regretting not getting the whole show, but until I get a time machine, here's what I got:

Lady in the Radiator:

Banned Books:

21 March 2012

Dry Feet & 3JANE in New Brunswick (2012)

Another Philly band? YES, but this time, in a dark New Brunswick basement. Philly retard rock at its finest.

Dry Feet:

And yet again, always brilliant,


14 March 2012

Experimental Music Festival resonates in New Brunswick art gallery
Over fifteen innovative acts will perform at the bleeding edge of sound on April 20th & 21st at Omega Sound Fix II at the Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ. The festival began in 2010 when curators Mark Weinberg and Michael Durek sought to fill a void for a spirited festival of new and innovative music in central NJ.

Among the performers this year is spoken word artist, Brick, who was born deaf but now
expresses himself with inspirational tones that he has created to cope with adversity. Brooklyn-
based experimental trio Prehistoric Horse, and danceable ambient artist $50 trumpet (also
hailing from Brooklyn) will be generously sharing their skills on the bill. Avant-garde vets
ArtCrime will take the stage on the opening night. And Chester Hawkins, playing as Blue
Sausage Infant, will be there from Washington D.C., hypnotizing and stimulating with loops,
arpeggiated vibrations, and everything in between.

The local element at the festival promises to be powerful. Blithe(doll), excavating their
innovative electro/trip-hop siren calls, will be returning for their second Omega Sound Fix
appearance, as will part-techno-part-down-tempo atmospheric laptop guru, Borne. Asbury Park’s
rising Wreaths will headline the first night, displaying their warm and mystifying saturated drones.
Fairychaser will stop you in your tracks with their heartbreaking combination of ethereal
percussion and starkly classic vocal stylings. STRNGLV’s multimedia demonstration of nebulous
pulses will take you on a trip to the astral plane, but don’t float away…

...because you don’t want to miss festival curators Mark Weinberg and Michael Durek, who will
combine sonic forces on day two for a memorable Trinitron/CloudCloud set. Trevor
Pennsylvania and Jim Schmidt’s foray into no-wave, a movement swaying you to the left of the
proverbial dial, will take shape as The Summer Dresses. 2673 will intrigue with his blissfully
oppressive sound worlds, ranging from barely there zero ambiance to speaker shredding walls of
noise static.

Open your mind. Allow these unique transmissions to wash over you. There is water
everywhere. This is the Omega Sound Fix. Your perfect prescription awaits.

Visit omegasoundfix.com for full line-up and details

Tickets are $6 for one day, $10 for a two-day pass. Doors open at 7 p.m. on Friday and
5 p.m. on Saturday.

13 March 2012

The Winners, Local Teen, & Y/Y @ Dreamcastle (2012)

Once again, at Dreamcastle, this time a few days later on 9 March, 2012, we'll get a little weirder.

The Winners:

Next up, from the makers of King Astro's Trip/Happy Halloween/Good Weather/many others,
Local Teen:


Mike Bruno, Daniel Bachmann, Wise Blood, & Quilt @ Dreamcastle (2012)

Again, my apologies for taking so long to get these up. These were all recorded at Dreamcastle in South Philly on 3 March, 2012, and all really damn good. There were more people there than I'd seen in a long time. Let's get started.

Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band:

then we move upstairs for

Daniel Bachman:

and back downstairs to the crowded basement for
Wise Blood:

and to finish us off (at least until my battery died),