30 November 2011

Sparkle Shit, Appendix, King Louie's Missing Monuments & Slaw @ The Wormhole

November 27, 2011. Fucking awesome. All of it. There are no words. Just watch it.

Sparkle Shit:


King Louie's Missing Monuments:


(Sorry this took a few days, had to cut the videos down a bit... The full King Louie set will be up eventually. Also, my camera died 9:11 into the Slaw set.)

14 November 2011

Slow Tongued Beauty, Worms in Women and Cattle, & King Darves @ The Alamo (2011)

Straight outta Philly (after a few years in the NB area), fucken Slow Tongued Beauty. My only complaint, it wasn't long enough.

Next up, out of Providence, RI, Worms in Women and Cattle, sounding evil as shit. Yeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

And to finish off the show, the always-awesome King Darves:

Buckets & Batteries (2003, repost)

I uploaded this video ages ago, but in separate parts. Now, I'm uploaded it in one part. Fuck grammar. Here's Buckets and Batteries:

07 November 2011

3Jane & Screaming Females @ The Court Tavern (2011)

This show was a double-header, but I only managed to catch 2 sets before running out of battery power again, but I think I caught the best.

First up: 3Jane

And, of course, New Brunswick legends, the Screaming Females.

It's a damn shame that this is all I got from this show. Every part of it ruled balls.

01 November 2011

Sprites, Scary Poppins & Tony Funfetti @ Dreamcastle (2011)

Part two of Halloween Weekend, this time at Dreamcastle in Philadelphia, Halloween night. Hilarity ensues. Some dudes just don't know how to party.


Scary Poppins:

Tony Funfetti:

Gene Pick, Five Mask, & The Fabulous Mummies (2011)

I spent the first half of the Halloween down in Baltimore and while I was there, managed to catch part of the show at America//Club Mutant in Baltimore, and this is what I got:

Gene Pick (QC out of Philly)

Five Mask (Door)

and The Fabulous Mummies

I know I missed some shit, but my battery doesn't last forever. Sorry, y'all. Shit's still awesome.