21 June 2012


Saturday July 7th 2012 7:30PM

(T Penn, Chaz Wetlands, Kyler George, Kevin Winter)

@ Lit Lounge
93 2nd Ave, New York, New York 10003-8352

First 20 people to buy a copy of Human Adult Band's "Hearing Damage Sessions" LP/MP3 album at this show get a free limited edition CD-r. Either "Live Avant Fairfax Fest 2011", "Live @ The Charleston, Brooklyn 2011" or "Hearing Damage Sessions Rehearsal Demos" --Hey Man, that's really really cool!

10 June 2012

First Show at the Bath Haus (2012)

Same old house, new dudes running shit with a new name. Hell of a first show if you ask me.

To antichristen the Bath Haus, here's Spellbook killin' it hard:

Next up, keeping it heavy as fuck, here's Thorn:

I went on a beer run and missed the first song or two, but here's the rest of the Nation on Fire set. Loud and fast. Shit yeah.

Next up, everyone went APE! for, well... APE!

And to finish us off, fucking Bible Thumper, FUCK YOU!

This house as a shitload of potential. I'm lovin' it.

06 June 2012

Suicide Magnets, Mirror Men, & Russian Tsarlag @ Pageant Gallery (2012)

The only thing I know for sure I did on my birthday (don't remember the cake I ate or the swordfighting in the dining room) was this show, and because there is footage.

Suicide Magnets:

Mirror Men:

Russian Tsarlag:

...and to those of you that were at the Russian Tsarlag/ Human Adult Band show in New Brunswick on 26 May, don't worry. We'll post that as soon as we're done cutting it together. We had multiple cameras running and a digital audio recorder going. It might take a week or two or three, but it will be posted.

Sprites, Mike Bruno, & Bad Braids @ The Wormhole (2012)

I want to say this show was on 5 May 2012, but I can't remember for sure... Probably wrong so nevermind. May was a long month. Anyway, let's get right to it.


Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band:

Bad Braids:

10/10, would time travel to this show again.

Sourpatch & Tiny Teeth @ The Alamo (2012)

These next two are from Sunday, 3 June, 2012, of course at The Alamo. For once a show actually started on time and I missed the first two bands (including Black Wine... dammit...), but anyway, from California,


And, as I was told at the show, this band is not called "The Shitty Beatles," but, instead, Tiny Teeth:

Summer Dresses @ Alfa Gallery (2012)

As promised, it is now June. Here is the first of the shows we've got but haven't had time to post. Now, unfortunately, I couldn't film this whole show (would've been nice to catch 2673), but here's what I did get.

From Saturday, 21 April, 2012 at Omega Sound Fix II @ the Alfa Gallery on Church St, New Brunswick,

Summer Dresses:

(I'm having trouble with the other videos from this show, so bear with me until I get them working)