27 September 2010

Intro//First Post

After 5+ years of filming various noise/punk shows in New Brunswick and related areas, I figured I might as well start a blog posting some of the better sets I've accumulated over the years. At first, I started by recording friends' bands during high school and as they started playing out in New Brunswick basements, it was only natural that I would keep recording them there. As I made more friends and started attending more shows, I carried my video camera with me at all times. Since then, I've managed to collect 50+ hours of footage from live shows all over New Brunswick and a few cities where I just happened to be.
I have to thank Trevor Pennsylvania of the Human Adult Band/ dihd records (dihd.net) for introducing me to many of the bands featured on this blog from outside of the New Brunswick area.
Along with the videos, I will try to include as much information about the bands and shows as I can remember, but forgive me if some descriptions are incomplete, some of these are over 5 years old and several of the bands have either broken up or changed their styles entirely. A majority of the videos I will be posting are from my own YouTube channel, although at times I will be posting from other friends' sources.
Thank you, I hope you enjoy.

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