13 December 2010

Fun Machine (2008)

Another bunch of freaks from Middlesex County, Fun Machine has been shredding guitars, keys, drums, and brains for a number of years now, and I regret never getting a chance to film them (or filming them and losing the video, one of those two, can't quite remember), but thankfully YouTube user willyflynn (again, I gotta find out who this is) did.

First off, here's their song Liquid Pants (I believe off of an album of the same name, could be mistaken) live at the Lit Lounge in NYC on May 2, 2008:

And here's another live performance from November '08, might want to turn the speakers up on this one, it's a little quiet, but still freaky:

And finally, a performance on WRSU FM in New Brunswick, April 11, 2008:

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