12 June 2011

MV+EE / Kohoutek / King Darves / Pots and Powercells in NB, NJ, 7.28.11

Thursday July 28th 2011 @ 7pm

MV EE (Ecstatic Peace / Three Lobed Records)
"in fact still orbiting the earth in vermont is matt 'mv' valentine, once the brawn of the tower recordings, and erika 'ee' elder, the CEO of Heroine Celestial Agriculture/The MV & EE Medicine Show, together with their dog zuma they run the child of microtones terran library of exploratory music and sing songs with fellow avatars 'the golden road'. sometimes their own lunar blues, som...etimes fingerstyle noise/space, sometimes lonesome frontier volk...always environments. you will find many are one and they like to jam together within many guitar dimensions/amp realms...respectfully and yours as free folk." Note: Albums on Thurston Moore’s (Sonic Youth) label, Ecstatic Peace. J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) plays lead guitar on some of their records!

King Darves (De stijl Records)
"So i would imagine that youd have one look at the photo of King Darves we have here and think "Oh brother! Another guy with a beard getting over what looks like a bad case of the clap and an acoustic guitar. Wheres my axe?" so were not gonna put it up here. (Mystique, dig?) But its really not like that, i tell you! The bedrock of King Darves New Brunswick based concoction is certainly folk based but theres no headband and hes not singing of pixies in the moss. This is somewhere between rolled cigs and the foggy vision of Big Pink from somewhere on Jersey Avenue, or maybe a one-manned Meat Puppets. This kid has really cobbled something together in his kitchen sink! ...the prettiest sound of his deep, rich voice will make you tap yr toes and nod yr head like a little Jersey Goil." - Tony Rettman.

Kohoutek (Prophase Records)
"People interested in music that defies the pop song convention, music that challenges that part of your brain that lies dormant during most aural experiences, need a band like Washington DC’s Kohoutek. This quintet began their wildly meandering journey across the more peripheral realms of free-form psych rock a few years back and from the very beginning they seemed determined to try to cross swathes of interstellar drone, guitar squall and loose, slowly evolving improvisations of drum and bass grooves and squelchy electronics with tapestries of gravitationally flowing darkness. What we get is a sonic bag that is raw, gorgeous, loud, dreamy, dissonant and mystical at the same time, somehow managing to transcend all sorts of seemingly limited genre barriers. Dedicated followers of bands such as the Spacious Mind, SubArachnoid Space and Ash Ra Tempel will for sure want to check these cats out, with a musical style that at its best rarely goes wrong in the live setting." -Mats Gustafsson

Pots & Powercells (dihd/Log Cabin Recordings)
It's hard to say whether Pots & Powercells rose out of the ashes of the dispersed members of experimental street performing act, Buckets & Batteries, or if they're merely in the same mindset; 'space adaptive music' making. Powercells started in the fall of 2009 and has played under a local NJ transit bridge with Finnish sound artist, Kuupuu and performed a set at Avant Fairfax Festival 2010 in Fairfax, VA. Powercells also has released a handful of homespun cassettes and cd-rs.
Members of the Human Adult Band, Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band, Pact of Wolves, The Yets, and several other one-off New Brunswick projects regularly jam with the band, and the rotating cast of characters means you're unlikely to seem the same style jam twice.

361 George St
New Brunswick, NJ


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