11 October 2010

Good Weather (2005)

Good Weather, originally from Nutley, NJ, before relocating to Boston, MA then Jersey City, NJ, features Kevin and Shae of King Astro's Trip/Happy Halloween. This show, recorded on February 11, 2005, was on Senior St. in New Brunswick. Unfortunately, the video had to be trimmed for time and does not feature the beginning of the set, which is Kevin on a Casio SK-1 playing a melody of voice samples, but perhaps one day I'll get around to posting the whole set EDIT: fix'd. Kevin has also played solo as Most Furniture, with Pigeon Language, Red Dalmatian, and in some studio recordings with Nativ Virus that were made in 2005, recordings of the latter two have since been sitting on an external hard drive in my room for years pending release.

These dudes are sick.

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