31 December 2012

New Releases from dihd recordings...

Kohoutek/Pots & Powercells
'Public Access Boogey'/'Our Little Gripe'
Musicassette / c40
Split tape between psych rock stalwarts, Kohoutek and house jammers, Pots & Powercells. Kohoutek's side, 'Public Access Boogey' was recorded live on public access TV in Massachusetts. Their jam takes up th' whole twenty minute side. Cosmic guitar leads from John Stanton, Parson Sound-esque bass rumble and heavy drum beats from Scott Verrastro. Th' Powercells side, 'Our Little Gripe' might be their last, as th' band fell apart in 2012. Textured guitars, Les Rallizes Denudes-esque groove bass and assorted noise makers for the first 2/3 of their side. Then little (music) bits to follow...you know...little doo-dads...little bits. $7ppd

Mohawk Barbie
'Doomsday Culture'
Two new tracks, 'Doomsday Culture' and 'Your Spitting on My Grave', recorded deep in th' woods of Pennsylvania during a 2011 Mohawk Barbie retreat. Also a recently unearthed live set from when th' band was very active. Th' set was performed in New Brunswick, NJ in late summer of 2000. You can smell th' sweat and feel the broken glass digging through your palms as your jolted onto th' basement floor, then lovingly lifted up by friends. Frankenstein's Medical Journal exclaims 'It's Alive! It's Alive! New Brunswick Punk Rock is Alive!!' $7ppd

both available from dihd.net

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