30 December 2014

Medication 'Home Truths' Cassette

Medication 'Home Truths' cassette 2014-ish
So from what I can gather, M. Hyde, is Medication. Sometimes his friends play with him as a band, other times he records tapes like this, alone, on his 4 track cassette machine. I was told by one of his Dead C loving band members, 'Home Truths' was made as a Medication tour tape. Dude's a pretty versatile song writer. I think some of it's like Leonard Cohen with a twist of Baltimore's At The Altar of the Cosmic Unicorn. A bit disjointed and rambling like Syd's solo records. Some of this is really powerful stuff. Some of the other tracks have a Sentridoh 'losercore' single vibe. Is this guy really insane? jk jk.

Couldn't find this tape on discogs.com,
but you can buy an Album by Medication from Scared Bones Records: Sacred Bones Records

to submit hard copy recordings contact: Tpenn000[@]hotmail[.]com

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