23 July 2017

NOLLS 'Strange Attitude' (Lot Records)

Nolls are a very weird garage band from Finland. The songs are primative two piece garage rock, but there' a whole lot of weird going on here. For instance, Heikki not only plays drums he also plays tape hiss. There are field recordings of streets and slowed down tape recorded voice among the rockers. All these inbetween bits gives the album the pace of an early Beck album like 'Stereopathetic Soulmanure'. But other than the pacing, this is far from an early Beck album. The tone of the instruments and production reminds me of a Dead C record and the tight high-hat/snare drumming reminds me a lot of Derrick Bostrom on Meat Puppets II. If you like yr garage stomp with a good dose of weird, 'Strange Attitude' is well worth picking up.

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