12 November 2010

2006 Compilation Tape

These tracks are from a compilation tape I released about 30 copies of back in 2006. I found the original tape the other day and decided this is a good a time as any to re-release it for free, this time in digital download form... There are 16 tracks by 12 bands/artists including The Yets, Doomsday Sleepover, The Brown Christmas and Ryanay. (running time approx. 60 min.)

For your listening pleasure, here it is (click picture to download):

Track list:
Side A:
01. The Yets - Purple Today
02. Coalition of the Willing - I Want To Touch It
03. Magnet City Kids - The Robot Knows
04. Ryanay - Can't Find Anyone
05. Steve Viegas - Halifax
06. Welcoming Vocal Wonderful & Keyboard My Friend - Alright Lover
07. Ryanay - Microphone
08. Steve Viegas - Rain
09. The Yets - Stealth

Side B
10. Doomsday Sleepover - The Darkest Shade
11. The Brown Christmas - The Torture Room
12. Mincemeat or Tenspeed - Frankenstein's Dead
13. The Brown Christmas - Joe and Mike Circus
14. Preach Biitter Sermons - Sleep Agreement
15. Human Adult Band - Hoop Dreams
16. Stranger Danger - Tachyon

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