29 November 2010

Heaven's Gate Exhibition

Hope you all made it to this fantastic evening of music and art work, if not you missed out on some really good performances. Luckily I filmed most of the music that evening ...so here you go.
I arrived mid performance for Burnt Snake Trio. Some really nice beautiful noise here with various electronics and keyboard

Southern Nights from Orlando, FL with some smooth funky grooves

Then things got fucking heavy with Bog Body. A bit of this set was not filmed because I was in the middle of filming an interview when they started and then had to quickly put a fresh tape into my camera.

The night ended with Angels. My immediate reaction after seeing them play was: "That was fucking awesome." see for yourself

As always there are more videos from this night and others at http://www.youtube.com/basementsetcetera

Also for those of you who don't already know; I'm filming a basement show documentary. If you attend, play, or host basement shows and want to do an interview come find me, I'm the weirdo with long hair, a beard, and a camera

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