31 July 2011

The Grains & Nighty Night @ The Alamo

I only managed to catch part of this show from July 30, 2011, but the stairs at this place aren't very crutches friendly, but dammit, I tried.

First up, from New Brunswick, The Grains:

Next, from Illinois, Nighty Night:

My apologies to the other bands that played, I wanted to catch the rest of it, but my body wouldn't allow it.


  1. Hey, this is Mike from The Grains. Just wanted to say thanks for coming out and documenting this show. It's great to see footage of a full set, and we really appreciate it!

  2. Hell yeah, email me and I'll send you an mp3 of the entire set, or, next time I'm in town, I could drop of a dvd with the original .avi file.

    My email address is in my blogger profile.