30 July 2011

MV & EE and King Darves, Live at Tumulty's (2011)

After a few changes of venue and dates, this show finally happened, and damn did it rule. I'll post the reason everyone's reading this post first and go with Matt Valentine and Erika Elder, AKA MV&EE

And, of course, the king himself, King Darves killed it, electric style:

Sadly, there is no footage of the Kohoutek set, and the Pots and Powercells video is still on its way to the internets, but to make up for it, here's a minute of us goofin' off after the show in an alleyway. Also, farewell to Caitlin of Pots & Powercells, and best of luck in Texas. It won't be the same without the powerpot.

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