21 April 2014

Music 4 Eon Green, Endo Kame

This album immediately drops the listener into a cavernous onslaught of sub bass frequencies that build in intensity with each song. A solid kick drum pulses it’s way through seven tracks that are minimal, with out becoming monotonous. These relentless quaking tones create a muffled reverberating atmosphere which must resemble what it sounds like if one were confined in an immense metal pipe at the bottom of the ocean. Occasionally some higher frequency sounds squeeze their way through like faint glimmers of light.

The length of this album belies the massive impact it leaves. At just around 25 minutes long, this is for the most part a continuous album that subtly grows and changes with each track. You are propelled further and further until bursting through on track three M4U. If you weren’t already dancing at this point, the physical force of the speakers will cause you to. By the fifth track Woe, it sounds like the music is beginning to cave in under it’s own weight and cannibalizing itself. I mean that of course, as a compliment. 

Released on Beer on the Rug in February 2014 first as a digital download and then available in a limited addition of 50 cassettes, Endo Kame - Music 4 Eon Green definitely has a place as one of my favorite new recordings of this year. It’s equally suited for dancing or some contemplative headphone listening. Check it out.

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