11 October 2010

Pots & Powercells (2010)

It's hard to say whether Pots & Powercells rose out of the ashes of the dispersal across the East coast of members of Buckets & Batteries, or if they're merely in the same mindset, but started in the fall of 2009 and with a few local shows and a breif 3-city weekend mini-tour under their belts, Pots & Powercells already has a few tape and cd-r releases out, and after nearly a year of playing shows, somebody (Mike of The Brown Christmas, actually) finally decided to film the set, send me the file, and make it possible to get out there to an audience bigger than the real world: The Internet.

Members of the Human Adult Band, Bog Body, Pact of Wolves, The Yets, Mike Bruno and the Black Magic Family Band, and several other one-off New Brunswick projects regulary jam with the band, and the rotating cast of characters means you're unlikely to seem the same style jam twice.

Here, for your viewing and listening... pleasure... Pots & Powercells live in Sewaren, NJ at a log-burning-barbecue playing on a porch to a bunch of young punks. A last-minute addition to the show, was a nice ending to a long first of two days of weird jams and punk bands. 

Tapes and CD-Rs are available from dihd and Bone Tooth Horn.

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  1. watching alvin's face nonverbally say 'fuck this' while putting on his shirt and diving off deck gets me every time.