01 October 2010

Ryanay (2005, 2010)

A Fords, NJ native, Ryanay has been playing shows on and off since 2003 in a number of bands, but mostly under his own name. Recently, he has been playing at the Court Tavern in New Brunswick during the Monday night open-mic nights.

This first video is from August 29, 2005 at a show at Hamilton St. Cafe in Bound Brook, was filmed by high school kids (since I was on stage), and includes members of Doomsday Sleepover, The Brown Christmas, and Pots and Powercells.

This next Ryanay set was filmed on July 4, 2010 by Mike of The Brown Christmas at Camp Crystal Lake in New Brunswick. A daytime set, this is a rarity amongst Brunswick shows.

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