11 October 2010

Womb Bomb (2006)

Recorded in Lifers' parents' basement in the January 2006, Womb Bomb features future touring bassist for the Human Adult Band, David Roque, who was also in Preach Bitter Sermons and Nativ Virus with drummer, Mike, and their then housemate Jen Mittens. Sincerely goofy and honest in the presentation, sitting through this was a fucking blast. Truly a shame that they never played again.

Without further ado, here is Womb Bomb performing their hit single, "Do The Funny Dance Move At The Dance!"

Thanks to Alex Brawler for recording this and giving me a copy to throw up on the 'Tubes.

(The guitar keeps cutting out because whilst flicking the lights on and off, the power switch was also turning the amps on and off.)

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