21 October 2010

Pots & Powercells on th' radio (2010)

Jaime from The Yets/AOI/Coalition of the Willing/P&P posted this a few months back... A Pots and Powercells set from March 11, 2010 on hearnewbrunswick.com's The Big Surprise (full audio of the podcast available as an mp3 here).

Jaime's description (via YouTube)
"POTS AND POWERCELLS radio excerpt - march eleventh two thousand ten - featured on 'the Big Surprise' hosted by Jon Dugan and Morgan Dowd out of New Brunswick, New Jersey. Audio extracted thusly and applied to visual documentation captured by Sean. 


POTS AND POWERCELLS is a 'junk jazz' group echoing after the early 2000's BUCKETS AND BATTERIES. This performance is featuring:

K (Guitar, Noise)
An Lally (Flute)
Alvin (Guitar)
Mike 'Burnt Marmalade' McCoskey (Guitar)
Jimmy Morren (Percussion)
Dave Roque (Percussion)
Caitlin Sulley (Percussion, Banjo)
Trevor Pennsylvania (Bass, Percussion)
James Schmidt (Noise, Guitar)
JP (Percussion)

* Kate M (Noise)
* Tonio (Guitar, Noise)"

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