11 October 2010

Nativ Virus (2005)

This little gem comes from June 9, 2005 and features members of Doomsday Sleepover, Human Adult Band, Pots & Powercells, Ryanay, Bog Body, and Vehm. Recorded at Woodbridge High School in front of a crowd that clearly is not into it (watch and enjoy as groups of kids stand up and leave, some actually running), playing as loudly as possible, rolling around the stage and floor, and clearing out the room.

Luckily, this was the last set of the night, which was filled with nu-metal emo bands and Ryanay jamming out with a friend who played cello. Watch all the way through and you get the prize at the bottom of the box... a reaction video.

Apparently, this was the last time this school had a class show. Special thanks to Kate (Lifers' sister) for filming this. It would have been difficult to hold the camera with one hand on a mixer and the other punching a box of what was once a car windshield.

(at 5:36 in the video, there is a single frame of band member Mike striking a pose, perfectly illuminated by a camera flash. Check it out. It's great.)

M.R. again

JP of Bog Body and Vehm

action shot

(L to R) Ryanay, M.R.,
Veronica, Alex Brawler

(L to R) some dude, David,
Andrew Lifers, K, JP

(L to R) M.R., Josh,
Andrew Lifers, JP

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