11 October 2010

Preach Bitter Sermons (2004, 2005)

Preach Bitter Sermons started out as a variety of projects between David Roque an drummer Mike R. in high school during after-school jams nearly every day for a number of years. After adding Andrew Lifers to the line-up and drifting away from guitar/bass and drums and more towards noise jams with percussion.

This first video is from way back, more specifically, October 14, 2004 in the basement of "Hot" 97 Commercial. Mellower and more controlled, it features David on guitar and electronics, Mike on drums, and Andrew on pedals.

This second video, however, is pretty brutal. At Castle Puppy on May 29, 2005 and featuring Matt on vocals, ax, and cauldron, parts of this set were downright terrifying. Drunken powerelectronics and ax-wielding frontmen are fucking awesome, but in a space as small as that, things are a little scary.

After cutting off the light (quite literally), the set gets dark. I cut the video short by about 10 minutes, since YouTube only allows up to 15 minutes to be posted.

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